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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

4 BASIC STRENGTHS to build a business in order to FIRMLY break through 10 years

Business is the coolest vehicles, which can help the business owners to achieve their LIFE GOALS: 2

1. Financial Freedom & 2. Freedom Time)

If built and in shape by means of the correct STEPS &.

There is 4 BASIC STRENGTH that must be done properly so that the business can run solidly, and continues to evolve to penetrate the 10 years.

The power of #1: the FOUNDATION of MASTERY Foundation Mastery, there are three Types: 1. Destination Mastery, 2. Money Mastery, 3. Time Mastery

1.1 Destination Mastery

In the early stages of building a business required a clear purpose, SPECIFIC, how long this goal will be achieved? So, please specify the GOAL one year ahead, and make the VISION of the company 10 years into the future.

How To Make A Vision:

Imagine that if you started a SUCCESSFUL, well that's how his Success. For example, a mother, a client of mine who started the Muslim fashion business, and supplies of the Hajj, the mother makes the VISION by describing a map of Indonesia and favors several places in Indonesia, especially in the big cities in Indonesia. And, he said then,  "Coach, this is the DREAM, I really want to open stores across Indonesia, and all will be a good road. I said, WOW Here's the thing Mrs spirit new other, other, other ACTION his dream. The next ste, is to create specific goals is a definite Action

1.2 Money Mastery:

The next step is mastering the 3 financial statements.

In a business, indispensable particularize & ensure financial statements properly. Because, by having the correct financial reports, the business analysis will give us that right too.

#1 financial reports: reports Profit & loss:


GROSS PROFIT minus (Marketing Expense + Operation Expense) = NET PROFIT Before Tax

NET PROFIT Before Tax in the lower Tax = NET PROFIT Purpose financial reports #1: is so that ensure that businesses have a clear advantage. The report clearly visible, and the cost will be in the prediction of how much profit you want to achieve by having the financial statements #1. #2 financial reports at least 1 month 1 time examined.

#2 financial statements: the balance sheet Report

Assets = Liabilities + Equity Objective financial statements #2: make sure that the work of your business, it turns out to give you profit and assets, not liabilities increase. Because, it is indeed reasonable if a business has to be owed, but ideally the debt should be paid off from revenues, and also business profits remain positive, in 1 year. Report this #2 a minimum of 6 months 1 x in check.

#3 financial statements: Cash Flow Report


The purpose of the financial statements #3: is making sure that the incoming and outgoing cash money in your business is recorded in detail every day, so there will be more in anticipation of the leak or loss. COMPULSORY Cash Flow reports are created every day.

Well, such a discussion of Basic business building Power 4 part 1. Please read more in part 2 ...

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Greetings, greetings to your Success Entrepreneurs!

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