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Monday, May 28, 2018

6 Successful Entrepreneur Strategy the world make business Diantri Custome

You ever wondered what makes many successful young entrepreneur in the world wake up his business? Call it successful as Steve Jobs built Apple, Bill Gates who is successful with Microsoft, or Jack Ma of Alibaba with success?

Did you know that turned out to build a successful business, there is the most important thing in a business that must be mastered by you as a business owner? The answer is not a good product or service, the human resources (HR), profit, or systems and monitoringyang are fine then it could make businesses become successful. You can just have it all, but if there is not this one, then the business could close.

It turns out that 1 the most important thing in any business is Customer lining up! The business will be developed with extraordinary when many customer continuously lining up buys your product or service. The question now, how to make a continuous customer queued in your business?

To make customer queued in your business, you must first determine the Specific WHOdi your business. Who are the people who are most likely to buy your product or service? Who is the target market of your business? The biggest mistake that is often made by business owners is the answer "everything!". Whereas our bullets is limited, we could not get to shoot all the birds in the air. Therefore, it is important to focus on the specific bird you want to focus on, which can become Your customer.

Second, once you've decided WHO or who is specific to your product or service, then it is time you think Relevant WHERE. Where is Your target market specific is located? It could be specific to the type of bird being the target market that You gather in the same tree. If we fire the bullet that limited it to the tree, it will be more birds hit pelurunya.

And then the third one, you have to think Beyond WHAT's different or something outside of your product or service. Create a good perception of the top of your product or service, so that the prospective customer or customer you will not only focus on the functional benefit of his compare functions only and with other similar business until there was a price war. Thus you should make them the focus with the emotional benefits that touches the heart so the price is often irrelevant. How many people want to buy watches that cost hundreds of millions even billions? But watches the price is much cheaper and much of the functionality is the same, namely to see the time. That's why it is important to focus more to the emotional benefit.

Currently, the fourth step all you have to do is you think Different WHYatau why customer you must believe what you say. Surely we shouldn't lie when talking about functional benefit or benefits of a product or service. What we promised as benefits from buying or wearing a product or service must be correct so that the customer will sure emotional benefit you said before.

Fifth, You need to specify the Right WHEN or when time is most appropriate for you do your marketing programs or marketing activities on products or services. Indeed many businesses that can do marketing activities at any time, but WHEN is the important factor when you want the marketing strategy you do can give you optimal results. For example, your business is a restaurant business, you should not hand out brochures for lunch in the month of fasting in the country that the majority of the inhabitants are a full day of fasting.

The sixth is the key to the end of the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, Specific Relevant WHERE, Beyond the WHAT, WHY, and Different Right WHEN that is Practical KNOW-HOW! How do you touch Your prospective customer with an efficient and effective manner through a marketing program that is practical. The hope: that the prospective customer is well aware with the products or services offered. For example, from the morning there is your product or service on the internet banner on digital news portal he studied, there was a flyer about your product or service at lunch, there are Facebook Ads product/service Andasaat she was checking her social media in the afternoon, and there's even a your ads on television as he watched at night.

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