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Thursday, May 24, 2018

7 simple ways to manage the stock of goods in Warehouse

As one of the special facilities which are fixed, the warehouse is designed to help achieve the target level of service with the lowest total cost. The warehouse also became a logistics system from a company that serves to keep the product and provides information on the status and condition of materials/products that are stored until the item is requested in accordance with the production schedule.

Talking about the production schedule, certainly, in the shed, You will become acquainted with the term warehouse management (Warehouse Management) which means an order to manage warehousing and distribution of goods so that the stored goods remain in good condition and distributed to the customer on time and exact amount.

The benefits of a warehouse management, among others, maintain the quality and quantity of logistics and equipment, logistics and equipment Setup, improved distribution service, providing data and information that is accurate, up-to-date, and accountable, ease of access in the control and surveillance, as well as regulate the administrative process.

Management of goods in the warehouse if the simplified form is indeed a place of receiving, storing, and issuing goods from a company. However, that does not mean it can be easily done. There are some special tricks that you need to consider in order to make the management of goods in the warehouse can be done easily as follows:

Has Storage Shed

When you want to set up and manage stock items in storage, make sure you've prepared a special place to store Your stock. Even though your business is still pretty small, you should have already prepared a special place to build up their stock.

If it has not been sufficient, you can use a storefront, warehouse racks, and also utilize used goods such as cardboard boxes to store Your merchandise inventory.

Prepare The Data As Accurate As Possible

Certainly, the main points you will use and need in all matters relating to the management of course data as accurate as possible. When you want to start to manage the stock items in storage, make sure you are assigning one person specifically responsible for conducting all types of the recording of his, such as records incoming and outgoing stock.

In terms of collecting data, a person who is responsible for noting, he could also be helped by a supporting program in order for the resulting recording more accurate. The purpose of this is done is so that You know in advance of the data from the previous period, and then specify the target marketing as well as forecast (forecast) sales in the current period.

Some of the company's distributors or manufacturers though are already using the system of pre-order and incoming orders data serve as the Foundation for determining the numbers of supplies. In order to develop the business of the distributor, you also have to conduct discussions and consult more with the marketing team when want to specify the number of your stock inventory.

Create Inventory Forecast

After you have collected the data input and output, the next step you have to do is make a forecast or estimate the inventory stock items in the form of how the number of supplies needed at this period. This is not an easy stage when you have product sales by type. It becomes difficult because in this step you must specify the amount per item you.

Through this system, you can make Your stock management in a concise and complete, ranging from subtraction, addition, and removal of stock can be controlled better.

In warehouse management, you must also create a schedule regarding the supply of such goods. In other words, you have to specify the schedule for the purchase of inventory and schedule your inventory items when going out of the warehouse.

Providing the code in each of your goods

Administering the code on each item will greatly assist You when making the sale of goods. So that you and your customers are not confused when doing the transaction. For example, if there is a customer who bought a shirt with green HJ code, then you as a seller will be directly familiar with what was asked and ordered by the customer.

If Your goods are not given a code, then the transaction will be executed any time it feels more difficult and can reduce your company's image in the eyes of the customer. In addition, the code will also help you when styling your goods in the warehouse belongs to you.

Simply put it like this, if you have inventory items by as much as 50 suits with code 001-050, then you could make 5 box or boxes with each box contains several sequences of code only. Code 001-005 was in the box I, code 006-010 there in box 2, and so on. Well, when there's someone that customers ordering items with code 003, then you just need to go to number 1 box, practical and easy, isn't it?

Separate Stock new and Old Stock as well

Mixing new and old stock stirring will only make you confused when you do the record keeping and checklist stock items. When there is a second this stuff, it's good You separated the old and the new stock of the stock, so that you easily find how many old stock sold and not yet sold. You can also provide a special place for your new stock his mixed stock items to avoiding new ones and the old ones too.

Do Some Checking Before Goods Are Stored

The next step is ensuring that you have always checked items before putting it into the shelf goods, this checking you can do prior to the granting of the code. So you can know or no items recorded in Your Stockpile.

This checking can also help your goods where the experience of disability, one of the production, and other errors before you decide to save it. Specific to goods that are defective, you can gather from one place to another and don't forget to give a sign or small note regarding the description of the defects in which part or other.

Special for you who is the seller of the reseller, you can return the goods to the supplier or your supplier. However, if you produce your own merchandise, you should not sell the goods in the condition of disability.

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