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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

9 surprising Reality experienced by all Small Business Owner

Being a business owner is not easy. In the end, all will fall into your shoulders. Although it is not "your responsibilities", you must remain in charge. Not everyone can traverse this career path and for those that are broken off to live for themselves, can be connected to each other in a simple way.

Whether you're running a business, Restaurant or a marketing Agency, or a bicycle shop, there is a simple fact about the sense of being a Small Business Owner

Similarly, if you have ever worked for a small company or a start-up, even only as an employee, you also bear witness to what is required to maintain an efficient and profitable business – and that's not a little.

1. Said yes even though it does not yet know how

In terms of entrepreneurship, there are similarities between the business leaders of mental may rarely talk about – because perhaps it is easily interpreted in the wrong: "Say Yeah – though not yet know how and will find out later."

Especially if you run a small business bound with money, sometimes you have no other choice but to take whatever there – even though you're not really sure how to do it – and you're just looking for him while running it. You will be surprised would often this happens. Even big companies ever did this, on a certain level. On the outside, looking radiant and glowing like the ships sailing in the calm sea. But inside? Chaotic, everyone running around with his head severed like figuring out how to keep his Deal can be run.

Do not misapply it – this is just part of the game. Especially when your company is in a growth period, you will not get all the answers or all the processes you really be neat. But let's say Yes, and find the answer while the road.

2. There is difference between employees and valuable Assets

If you run a company with less than ten, twenty or even fifty people, all important people – everyone (meaning that in terms of business – of course, we are all important)

This is different from a large corporate office where new people can be employed in the Accounting section and they cannot ' look ' for weeks.

As a small business owner, you need people who are going to be a go-getter (achiever, the risks, and so on). The people who are going to realize that there is no time and resource to their hotel. You need people that will maximize themselves to solve the problem without the need for a lot of holding hands or relying on the help of others.

3. Money is paramount

There is a business mentor who says over and over time, "the most important is money. Without the money, the company you are going to die "

As a business owner, it becomes your main focus. Not a company outing, event, or activity underestimated the other companies devote regular energy unless it makes money for you.

4. You must pay your employee’s in any situation

Without any promises, you called to pay them when you said it will pay them should always be on the top positions in your list of priorities. If you cannot keep your appointment, how can you expect them to be fulfilled in order to do the work to keep your business running?

5. There is no such thing as 9-5

Having your own business is not a job. Can't even be called a career. This is a lifestyle choice, very exactly as do people who go to the gym every day and eat super healthy. For them, it is not an event, but rather a part of their lifestyle.

For business owners, there's no name check-in/check-out. This is done a day, and every day. Yes, you need to stop on some occasions. Yes, you must set up your energy and take care of yourself as a human being – always. But in fact, if the work must be completed and it was late at night, you will still get it done. If it is not finished and you need to get up early in the morning you wake up blind, blind. If not chill occurs, whether an hour, you're ready to get it done.

6. Every Business Owner needs an ear

Indeed many people who thought that owning your own business is about being number 1. They want to be at the seat of the wheel – and they want everyone to know it.
Every Business Owner needs the ears. Someone they can talk to, tackle their ideas, their voice note, get feedback, and make decisions that are more mature. If you don't have it, then obviously you are at a loss. This is a big reason why some companies have advisory boards or Advisory Board.

7. You are a marketer at once buyers

A small business is that most camps with marketing – and they are also the only ones who really understand most of the business, products, and services they more than anyone.

The number 1 issue experienced by small business owners in terms of marketing is time. They just don't have the time. While they may have or may not have the budget to hire an agency or even a freelancer to help them.

It is like the fruit's choice offered to the owner of a small business. And unfortunately, there are only three options:

– Invest by hiring someone else to do it.
– Don't do it at all.
– Please allocate time and working on his own.

8. The business owner likes to help the business owner

Having your own business is a process – and for those who have passed through or are going through it is very like to share insights and help the others either for one day would like to have your own business or are having it.

Especially in Indonesia, and this DigitalEntrepreneur.id, for example, many of the business owners who want to share success stories and what they are going through during the running of his business, purely because they want to help others and avoid the same mistakes that plagued by them.

If you are a business owner, don't forget: you are part of the community. Come on in, and keep growing and learning from other people, so you don't have to learn everything in difficulty again.

9. You do it because you love her

Of course, any business owner knows that flipped up and down, sharp twists, meanders-high low and any of them, they do this because they love it. They like to work for themselves, they like to see their eyes staring at success, and also really like offers anopportunity for others.

When the worst thing to happen and the future seems bleak and dark, remember again why you started it.

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