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Monday, May 7, 2018

An Effective Marketing Strategy For Your Business Development

Marketing is one of the most important things to do when running a business, both new and old business ventures that have been established for many years. Before you start marketing, the first thing to do is determine the concept of marketing and marketing strategies effective in selling our products.

With so many small businesses are popping up at this time, hence the need for the right marketing strategies in order to attract the interest of consumers. Although it is difficult, if you focus on planning the marketing strategy, then it is not impossible for small businesses you can grow into a big one.

In General, small business has a relatively small marketing budget when compared to large-scale businesses. With such skimpy budget surely you must be more creative in determining the appropriate marketing strategy. Well, here is how you can do in optimizing marketing despite limited funds:

Do work closely with employers or colleagues in advertising, such as sending out product offerings to customers or give discounts for the purchase of a particular package.

Introduce your products and your business through multiple media. This aims to help search the consumers about which products you have to offer, such as the publication through the internet by involving the environment around your business, and others.

Effective Marketing Strategies

In drawing up the marketing strategies for small business , you need to pay attention to several things, among others:

1. Consistency

Consistency is needed in all areas of marketing. The goal in order to help reduce the cost of marketing and to improve the effectiveness of brand creation.

2. Planning

In carrying out the concept of marketing for small business, it needs to be careful planning in order to gain a lot of customers. Therefore, take as much time as possible to plan an effective marketing strategy, marketing budgets are needed, as well as other concepts so that your small business can develop rapidly.

3. Strategy

The strategy is the basis for the continuation of the activities of the marketing that has been planned in advance. Some of the things that are usually discussed when putting together a strategic plan are who the target market, how to target the customers, as well as how to keep existing consumers become regulars.

4. Target Market

Define exactly what share of the market being targeted. Here's how by selecting one or more market segments that will be accessed. This aims to clarify what kind of target market you wish so that the concept of marketing that you want to make it easier to implement.

5. Budget

This is the hardest part because need the right level of accuracy in calculating the required marketing budget. Because of the budget that has been made, can determine how the funds needed to do marketing.

6. Marketing Mix

The marketing mix is generally described as the product, price, place, and promotion. As an entrepreneur, you need to decide on a specific product or service, what price is appropriate, how and where You will distribute the products you need, and how the way that other people can find out about what products that you are offering. You can also use the services of the digital marketing firm to market your product. One of them is the company Digital Logique Indonesia has handled and promoted products and services of various his business colleagues to succeed and thrive.

7. Website

Currently, all business ventures require a website to provide information about the product that you are offering, because nearly 60 percent of consumers who come get information through the internet. Logique Digital Indonesia also provides website creation for your product.

8. Branding

Branding is the process that determines whether consumers receive products from the company that makes it. Small businesses certainly require brand, ranging from images, logos, and products it generates in order to be known by the public so that the more developed. To do branding, Digital Logique Indonesia is ready to assist You in the design process of a brand that you want to make, starting from images, logos and other designs of various shapes.

9. SNS Operation

SNS operation is one strategy that uses social media to do promotions and advertising. Doing this is quite easy, you just need to create a social media account and doing promotions with interesting content. If necessary use the media also paid to improve the rate of visits to your social media, such as Keyword Planner, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads and others.

If you need help to increase the number of prospects or conversion by using advertising, digital marketing strategy, social media marketing, etc. Logique Digital Indonesia will provide an effective service for you and your company.

10. Customer Relationship Management

To create a consistent and loyal consumer, certainly in need of a good relationship management with customers. You certainly don't want your customers run into other companies. Therefore, make a good relationship management with customers, such as making special member card and give customers a discount for members. Logique Digital Indonesia also provides the service of making the customer management system (CRM) or large-scale membership management system.

11. Mobile Marketing

With the rise of smartphones and tablet users would, of course, create marketing messages and content to the mobile platform is a must. It was due to the growing number of consumers who view content, receive an email as well as buy products using this smartphone.

Therefore, your company needs to immediately redesign the websites, as well as blogs, become more responsive to the Smartphone. Data notes that about 30 to 40% of the traffic comes from mobile devices.  It is very important to reach out to the mobile user with exactly because of their contribution to web traffic levels in Indonesia.

Logique Digital Indonesia also developed a responsive website that can optimize the display of website (UI) according to the size of the screen. We also can offer flexible and implement the use of new technologies such as PWA or AMP.

That's the marketing strategy you can do so that your business can be developed more quickly and precisely. Well, if you want your business to become successful and thriving, you can also use the services of a marketing strategy through a company that provides. One was a Digitally Logique Indonesia which help you in conducting an effective marketing strategy for your business and have extensive experience in various projects outside and within the country.

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