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Monday, May 28, 2018

Be Aware of the Following Four Things Before doing the Business Expansion in Asia

Currently many startup Indonesia who want to expand to other markets in Asian countries. However, over time, not all of these companies were able to last a long time and were forced to halt their operations in the country.

One of the factors the errors committed by the foreign companies launched businesses in Asia is the lack of preparation to the translation of the content adjust to the culture and habits of the local population.

Asia alone includes friendly to foreign companies doing the business expansion, with less red tape tying up to the easily obtainable labor with wages that can be tailored to the budget of the company.

The following article will peel away those things that should be done by foreign companies while waging business in Asia.

1. Business plan

Many foreign companies that come to Asia does not have a business plan or business plan mature. It will take effect when the business wants to add capital, do monetization and other related things. These include the business plan, the vision of the company, company background, goals, hiring talents, products and services, competitors, marketing activities, funding and exit plan.

2. Documentation of work permit (visa)

Another important thing to note is to heed the requirements document, such as a work permit to the visa from the company's core team of mostly foreign labor. Prepare official documents and always note the Central time of the work permit.

3. Tax and accounting

One of the important factors that are often almost ignored by foreign companies is a matter of the taxation of the company. In Indonesia itself it is brought to the attention of the regulator, related to foreign companies which have business in Indonesia. For it to learn and be aware of fundamental things reserved for local state taxation.

4. Operational costs

Another thing to note is also the operational costs when running a business in Asian countries. Does the company have sufficient funds to pay the salaries of employees and operational costs, How long will the stash of money able to survive. The beginning of the business that most have yet to get the profit directly, it is mandatory to prepare.

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