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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Eight Trends Marketing in Indonesia in the year 2018

The marketing conditions are always changing, making the marketeer inevitably must be able to adjust.

Because marketing is the most crucial thing to make a business thrive, roads or even degraded. In order to welcome the new year to come IMA (Indonesian Marketing Association) estimates there are 8 marketing trends that will occur in the year 2018.

1. Tourism and culinary increasingly drove

Tourism will continue to grow (including religious tourism and sports) at the level of the municipal/Regency and this will also lift the culinary sector with varying levels of creativity (e.g. traditional with modern presentation/packaging, more hygienic and markedly). Some cities have started to turn to the MICE as one of the mainstay. Green/sustainable tourism will be progressively developed.

Local/regional specialities will be increasingly sought after, including various types of local coffee followed by the rise of the coffee shop. The fulfillment of the increasingly important role of standards of halal and healthy food/drinks becoming increasingly sought after. Souvenirs and fashion products would also be raised with the berkembanganya tourism.

City tourism gateways to develop tourism on a larger scale in the provincial and district level. This provides the opportunity of SMALL MEDIUM ENTERPRISES grew and the development of tourist attractions. A community of young people getting to like hangout places, coworking space, café/bar, and even a ' place ' that is experiential, as long as the quality is good and the price is affordable.

2. The culture of online and social media are increasingly unstoppable

Online and social media platform will be more strongly in favor of businesses in various sectors and scale. The second digital platform will not replace conventional marketing platform but instead complement each other. Digital marketing channels will also have an impact to the logistics sector and in turn the market penetration will be getting better.

Collaboration and synergies with the various parties in a value chain or ecosystem of business is a necessity in order to increase sales. Online applications will increasingly become a necessity. The decision making process of generation Y and Z will be increasingly influenced by social media content. The role of the selebgram as an endorser will become increasingly significant in promoting a brand.

SMES (mainly food and fashion) who go online will get excellence in captured the market. Internet connectivity has become a fundamental requirement in the major cities of Indonesia either for business or non-business.

3. political marketing Year the higher sofistikasinya

The elections will be held simultaneously in various parts of Indonesia. The candidates who ran as a candidate for mayor, Governor, or Governor will be more intense and sophisticated in its efforts to communicating the brand, positioning, differentiation and himself through a variety of campaigns either through conventional channels or Digital.

Strong ideas of the candidates, the ability to convince the public that these ideas can be implemented, record the traces of a great candidate (including integrity and achievement), as well as understanding of the anxieties and desires the Regent the interest will be key to the high elektabilitas and decisive victory.

The ability to communicate well with the public among others with the delivery of highly structured campaign material, easy to understand, realistic, humane, and inclusive (non-SARA) and horizontal communication style will become increasingly able to invite the people's interest.

4. in a number of Business sectors still growing

The service sector will increase. Transport services online that offer a competitive price and comfort process/interaction will also be increasingly evident even though there are still a number of friction with the conventional transportation services. Indonesia's main cities in a number of perminataan the market for the services of a spa, fitness, massage, beauty, fashion (including muslim fashion) will be strengthened.

Daycare services will grow in line with the rise of married couples are increasingly busy. The penetration of retail (hypermarkets/supermarkets and convenient stores) are also increasing and increasingly giving choice and convenience for the public, but of course this will be coupled with increasingly intense competition.

Quality, price, range of goods, and the location and quality of service will be a consideration of decision-making of customers. The automotive sector and property are also expected to be improved although not with a sharp rise. Integrated settlements will grow in line with the development of industry in the area.
5. The number of young entrepreneurs for the more

Younger children will develop the more articles in various fields of culinary, tourism, fashion, to the animation. It is also facilitated by growing number of coworking space, access to information (via the Internet), as well as simply the young businessman connected to the markets became business people are expected to increase.

The variety of products offered and how to offer it is also expected to be more creative. Although the failure rate of these stub efforts still quite high but not reduce the interest and the spirit of the young people to become entrepreneurs with all risks.

Even the professionals are estimated to glanced at the start and test its ability to become entrepreneur will also increase. Of particular interest is the existence of a tendency that the stub efforts established for a purpose not only business but also social.

6. The entertainment industry is still promising

The entertainment industry such as music (especially music concerts), movies, and a range of big events (including a number of events in the various regions the level of municipality/district or province) will continue coloring throughout the year. The Café and restaurant are also applying the concept in the form of an alloy of café from morning to afternoon but its revamped into a sort of bar that is filled with different types of entertainment including live music.

This is in line with the community's lifestyle in various big cities who tend to not immediately returning home after finishing work. This is expected to trigger a rise in creative economy industry.

7. Infrastructure continues to be addressed

Infrastructure of highways, ports, airports, railways and telecommunications also will be getting better both in terms of physical or his Ministry. It is increasingly supporting various activities of individuals or business. The cleanliness, security, and order of the city are also increasingly gained attention in line with the importance of city tourism and while keeping the level of satisfaction of society against the local government.

Public service in a number of cities will be increasingly improved with various innovation Ministry and application of smart city and e-government which in turn would further strengthen the level of trust the community to the Government.

8. Cashless society grew

The increasingly sophisticated information technology will in turn bring the economy characterized by the growth of a society that trades in non-cash or known as cashless society in which it is also in line with the the rise of online businesses as well as the everyday needs of its non-cash in nature (for example transport services, hotels, etc) can be done via smart phones.

In a number of highway lanes have also been applying payment nontunai. The use of e-money is expected to be increasingly inclusive and fintech presence (which will also collaborate with the conventional banking) will be strengthened.

On the other hand, although still not got the permission as a tool to Transact, but is expected to be more and more people are trying their luck from the phenomenon of the leap exchange rates/price cryptocurrency provided by a number of agencies.

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