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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Powerful Marketing Tips For Your Business

In the days of full competition is to promote business, MARKETING is an absolute thing and must be fulfilled. May of us ask: what the hell is the benefits of marketing to business? The bottom line anyway loads, but at other times later I will discuss the benefits of marketing to business. Well, for this time I will discuss specific tips for marketing to business, although it has often been discussed by the expert marketer think there is no harm to repeat because repetition will make you an expert and immediate ACTION.

How Terrible Marketing Tips For Business

Know more marketing in General, is how do we change the status of the buyers being customers who continue to be loyal and without we ask any business would recommend us to a friend of his and so on. There are some that need to be noticed in this marketing, actually very many aspects that need to be discussed but I summarize some of the concepts being God willing help the smooth running of your business, but on condition that you also have to be ACTION.

Powerful Marketing Tips

1.  4 P's (product, Price, Place, Promotion)

This term may have heard public and 4 this is an absolute strategy that must be paid for the progress of a business, let us discuss one on one:

a. Products

Tips for marketing the first part is A product, the product (goods or service) why the first most emphasized? Since we are focusing on the quality, if you focus on this in the future will be easy to smoothly but if the quality of your product is bad, then don't hope your business survive long term. Bottom line Yes you do have to really focus on quality, I believe customers will continue to buy and believe as well as voluntarily recommend your products to friends.

b. Price (price)

The price is also very prominent in the eyes of society because they also see a product from the price you set. But the important thing to remember is that to remain competitive with market rates can, you should continue to control prices (either lowering or raise the price) so that our products still exist and are not outdone by the other competitors. Another strategy is that you can also give a high price in order to impress a specific community in the eyes of exclusive and is also focusing on the market share of the middle class and above.

c. Place (Place and distribution)

The place is an aspect that must be right in order for distribution to goals without a single one who wasted a good distribution, where is the number/target market and tremendous potential with at least a competitor. But don't misunderstand this, because there is also the business that we have to place it in a place that many competitors, such as banks or other financial places. Possible to outline that way.

d. Promotions

The promotion is the last part to be made of a series of strategy 4 p above, its objective is to introduce the product in order to be in the know by society at large. The most effective way of promotion is collaboration between the offline and promotions online, e.g. offline with business cards, brochures, advertising on tv/magazines, etc, for the promotion of online you can use SEO, FB ads, google adwords, etc. Well, if this promotion way you do I am sure your product will quickly know in the community, but remember = > cannot yet be sales conversion if you don't pay attention to other aspects of the above 3 (product, price, and place).

2. Innovation

Then the marketing tips 2 is innovation, there comes a time you need to product innovation in order to remain competitive in the market because the newcomers and the old one will continue to increase sales and hook the hearts of consumers with the changes that continue to follow the trend. But keep in mind, innovation is not haphazard changes, make innovation in accordance with the needs of the consumer, do not let your innovation into a boomerang which resulted in losses in your business.

From the above exposure will I give examples of successful innovation is a product/gadget hp Samsung, they manage to hook buyers and continues to make changes with the Samsung S3, S4, S5. While some are innovating, but instead become a boomerang which renders the product not sold and not much interested, example: Nokia issued Nokia Lumia with Windows OS, his intentions are indeed good to innovate but you can see how upset consumers Nokia, because they have more love to Android.

That's what I mean how tips marketing telling that we need to look at, in fact, if we are good at seeing the conditions then we can minimize risks and bring multiple benefits.

3. Service

Make customers as comfortable as possible, you might imagine that if the customers don't feel comfortable and discuss your product to other friends not to buy it and it spread everywhere. Need to be prepared for that strategy with a SUPER Ministry, at least not attempting through balls customers, e.g. = > When customers buy your products or services in a certain amount then it will get a prize or get pampered with friendly greetings and quick When serving the consumer.

I think it already can make consumers will return again, as I said above, even they will recommend your product or service because there are prizes, friendly service as well as fast, etc.

Even if you dare to give a SUPER AWESOME service, you could raise the price of the product several times fold without fear of another competitor, why? Since you provide services to consumers and make them like a King/Queen who is ready to serve in full service.

Perhaps the number of concepts that I can describe and which in my opinion is enough to blow up your business into developed and developing. But it needs to be remembered, the science of marketing tips that are very much to the task of spacious and you can read the books that discuss specifically marketing.  For me the best science is the experience, then people will understand that experience sense of marketing really is. Salam success for all of us.

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