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Saturday, May 5, 2018

The 4 Steps to Improve the Quality of Your Business

The business world is full of people-people of quality and also the expert program – program quality, but for a small to medium-sized businesses, an extensive program that requires high skill is not the best solution.

Instead, all it takes is back to basics, a sensible approach to creating a quality. It can be poured in four steps:

1. The documentation right all of your business processes

To improve the quality of the small to medium business, process – a process that occurs within the Organization should be consistent each time. This can only be done if you have documented all Your business processes and ensure that everything goes according to what you have already The documentation right Documenting a business process is not a fun job, but to improve quality in your business, this should be done.

2. Identify things – things that can improve the quality 

Management and employees must together face the same problems of quality – as an opportunity to become better. Management should be very careful in discussing peace – this is so that no one who feels cornered or blame.

No company wants to find quality problems in their business processes. However, companies should see this as a positive issue that did occur. They should not turn a blind eye and hide the problem. Companies too often do so and punish people who tried to lift this issue, so in the end, no one person dares raised the issue.

The company should give awards to people who managed to identify quality problems, and instead of punishing them instead.
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3. Fix the problem for customers

Mistakes can indeed happen. Most people can understand it. The problem is how do you handle it when the problem occurred. Handle it poorly, then you will be at risk of losing customers. Handle it properly, then the customers will feel well catered for and increase their loyalty towards your business. The key is to accept full responsibility and ensure that you treat your customers very well.

When a problem occurs, then solve the problem should always be a top priority for you.

4. Make sure that the problem doesn't happen again

After executing the three steps above, most companies will assume that the problem is over. They assume that they have succeeded in making customers happy.

Indeed the main problem encountered was successfully solved, but with an approach that you will lose the opportunity to prevent the incident which has happened does not happen again. It is very important to ask yourself "what caused the occurrence of this problem, and what should we do to prevent this occurrence does not happen again?" When you've successfully answered these questions, you can improve your business process.

This is why documenting the process is the first step to improve the quality. When there is a problem in a business process that is identified, then the repair can be easily done on all parts of the Organization, if everyone did the same thing.

Follow this rule does sound very easy, but it requires a high discipline and proper execution. By doing this, then your company will become increasingly better.

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