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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Committee for the 2018 Asian Games Apply System For results with Partner Merchandise

The Asian Games 2018 merchandise procurement claimed altogether not burdening the budget revenue and Expenditure of the State. Director Merchandising Committee Implementing 2018 Asian Games, Mochtar Sarman said, the production costs borne by each of the licensee’s merchandise. Its profits will be divided depending on the outcome of the sale. "We're really working with our partner, profit sharing. Hopefully, it could be as much as possible,  "said Mochtar in Bung Karno, Jakarta, Wednesday (30/5/2018). According to Mochtar, in the history of the sport, this was the first time Indonesia's new production of souvenirs is sustained by their respective manufacturers. So far, there is 17 official licenses to produce souvenirs typical of the Asian Games.

The partner must also pay a royalty to the Inasgoc as the Committee implementing 2018 Asian Games event. The adjustment, depending on the product being marketed.  "Of each category exclusivity and get the right to use the logo on their design, " said Mochtar. Mochtar said the Committee could not target how revenues generated from the sale of souvenirs of the results of the Asian Games. The Committee and its partners are currently the focus of how to distribute them freely and market their products.  "We will focus on the able products as much as possible prior to the event start. Reserved target, I won't be there,  "says he. As for the marketed product range from fans, bags, t-shirts, dolls, food, and toiletries. Price range varied too, starting from Rp 15,000 to a dozen million dollars.

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