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Monday, June 4, 2018

Teach you how to Strive in order To be Ready to Independently and Successfully

You may need to introduce, teach and educate about the business world to your child from an early age as a pembekalannya for the future.

It is aimed so that when your children as adults later can become a successful businessman. Because it can not be denied that a business is an activity that potentially can give you an advantage.

If, later, the child was already able to run the business, in addition to earning himself even can also open employment opportunities for others.

7 Tips so that the child begins to learn and understand about the business and enterprises

To teach your children about business may actually be starting from a fairly simple thing in daily activities including aialah:

#1 Teach children to understand about the value of money

Kids generally already know that money is something that should be given if we want an object or goods.

However, most of them do not know the difference and less able to appreciate the value of nominal money from the smallest to largest.

Therefore you need to teach the associated value of the rupiah. You can teach one hundred rupiah coins to paper money i.e., largest one hundred thousand rupiah. You also can teach fractions of money and learn to count them.

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#2 Roleplay market seller and buyer

For your child to sit dibangku KINDERGARTEN or ELEMENTARY school could be invited to play a role as a buyer and seller.

You can alternately with kids in playing its role. In playing this market-market, you directly introduce world trade.

Of course in the game including the bargain price, wooing buyers, and Transact using money. This game seems simple but it is very good to introduce children to the world of business.

#3 Give a gift allowance after ananda help you

You should not give money to berkebiasaan your child for free. Once in a while you need to make him do something for your child so that he gets an extra allowance.

With this kind of thing you teach that to obtain or achieve something required extra effort.

For example, you can sent it to go ketoko to buy small kitchen needs, after that you give it receives back to your child.

#4 Teach your child record the income and expenses

You can redirect the child in order to note any money from the granting of the discharge and noted the money.

Ask your child to report on their income and expenditure at regular intervals. Teach children through the making of a simple bookkeeping can train children to become wise in regulating the finances later.

With this recording, you can also observe where money gone that you provide as a form of supervision.

#5 Teach children save money

Children generally tend to spend their money for things they enjoy doing. When he was holding the money, he will spend his money to buy toys, eskrim, chocolate, etc. They are not yet aware of the importance of saving for the future.

You can buy your child a piggy bank. Piggy banks are used to set aside a bit of pocket money that you provide. Teach that money set aside will be collected and will be used to meet the needs that are more important.

#6 Teach children so that the set targets

An entrepreneur must have a vision and mission in life as well as his business. Teach your child has plans and targets since an early age.

You can teach him from the most simple level, for example by way of asking your child set a target number of savings in celengannya.

Don't forget to teach your children how to save a good amount of his savings in order to make more and more. More information refer about a clever way to start saving as early as possible.

#7 Invite children to engage directly with the business that you do

If you happen to have a store, there is no harm in inviting your child involved there. You can direct your child help simple things can it do like greet customers who come in, take things lightly, and get change.

By teaching these things, your child can find out about how to get used to communicating with consumers, his difficult parents in search of money, as well as understand how to Transact.

Automatically in this way will increase your child's knowledge of related business world increasingly numerous and extensive.

That's the things that you can do to infuse or train your child understand about the business world early on. If the child is familiar with the business world since childhood, then its potential as adults became a successful businessman will be even greater.

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