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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Accreditation In Business Education

Currently many universities and business institutes offering MBA degree. But there is the question of burn how to make the right decision from an institution.
According to some statistics listeners potential MBA program, about 50% of the respondents consider the reputation of the institution as one of the most important factors in choosing institutions to get an MBA. Applicants to confirm the availability of the accreditation institution serves an important element of the image.

Both the program and the individual institutions can be considered accredited and relevant international grades. If a particular institution considered qualified to offer business education, it means all programs of the institutions meet their default values. The following institutions are considered the best to be involved in accreditation: AMBA (Europe), ECBE (Europe), EQUIS (Europe) and AACSB International (USA).

Many different countries have national organizations that accredit programs and their institutions in terms of compliance with the standard. For example, the Middle East Association of schools and colleges is one of the institutions that recognized both of this type.
Organizations that provide services to business education accreditation are as follows

1. Russia Association business education (RABE)

2. European Council for education (ECBE) the United Kingdom

3. The European quality improvement system (EQUIS)

4. The Association Of MBAs (AMBA)

5. the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).


The Association of MBAs (AMBA) is concerned with the problem of education in management for university graduates and generally promoting the formation of a class of professional managers. There are two main challenges:

Promote your MBA in academic institutions, the interest of prospective students and entrepreneurs with programs and enlarge the supply of and demand for the MBA degree.

Check the standard MBA program has a high enough standard to train qualified managers.


The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of business or in an international organization is short of AASCB major u.s. operations in this area. It was created in 1916. The aim is to improve the quality of higher education in business management and administration. The organization is currently accredited institutions 426 worldwide.

Only nine of the more than one hundred business institution in the United Kingdom are currently accredited by leading organizations in the United States 3, the United Kingdom and Europe. AASCB international accreditation gives only to certain institutions that meet the expectations of some pre-decided the business and academic community with a variety of standards.

AASCB international stakeholders Ensure business institution:

  • Graduate students who are completing a specific training plan.
  • Create the conditions for effective interaction between faculty and students.
  • Conduct training in educational standards.
  • Develop knowledge of management and business education teaching and utility use.
  • Manage resources to do an important goal.

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