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Friday, April 27, 2018

Apply 5 Surefire Strategies To Financial Independence

Manage your personal finances, I.e. managing earnings, manage shopping, to manage the assets and debt will lead us to feel independent financially. financial freedom according to the author of a book about wealth Robert Kiyosaki in richdad.com site is more than just having money. So you're having become independent financially, You need to change the habits that you're doing now to become what you want to be financial.

Being financially independent is a process to develop, emotionally and spiritually strong to be successful according to your size and happy. In other words, financial freedom is not just simply have a lot of assets and property. And one of the size you achieve Financial Independence is that you can achieve anything you want. The question is, does your financial target in the short term and long term? Is it to be free of debt, it has certain assets, or have funds of up to USD 1 Billion in two years to set up a business? From now on You need to set financial goals, and then try to achieve it. Whatever the purpose of your financial, do the five principles financial freedom:

1. Measure dispensing, do not get much larger than income.
For those of you who are just starting to want to have a certain amount of funds, make a note of each your expenses 1 month, want that house rent, food, electricity until the tips are also noted. And then compare it with the income that you can. Things you can do is that you are not afraid to move to areas with lower costs of living. For example, prefer to use public transport rather than private cars for the sake of achieving certain financial targets. The greater your income rather than spending, the faster you will achieve financial goals.

2. Maximize income Financial
Independence is the main probe earnings and spending. If your income is too low, there is no other way but to maximize revenue. Look for new opportunities, capturing opportunities quickly. In addition to asking for a raise, there are many things that you can do as a side business that suits your hobby. Or instill yourself with continuing education to a higher level in order to get a bigger paycheck. For example: join the class for special certification.

3. Pay for the future at the beginning 
Of one of the important steps that must be done for the purpose of financially is to save and invest. Unfortunately, often these plans are extinct because there are no remnants of your monthly income. Whereas savings and investment is the way to achieve financial independence for the current and future needs. Therefore the pay for your future in the beginning so you don't get distress at the end of the month. It would be more easy to save money if you put aside the money shortly after you receive a salary at the beginning of the month. The value is at least 30 percent of income. This includes funds for savings, investment as well as an emergency fund.

4. Investment of assets Ber whose value continues to rise
It's something I recommend for you to do! Nowadays many investment instrument value continues to increase and the need you have for investing. Among other property, gold, until financial portfolios such as mutual funds and retail bonds. Identify the characteristics of the investment before you immerse the investment in the investment instrument.

5. Do not join your friends
Can be very easily swayed to spend more. Normal for a person to feel need buy things new and join the trend, be it fashion, gadgets, vehicles, etc. Remember, even though Your restraint and focus on Independent Financial goals, you will still get friends who have the same vision in financial affairs.

So that's five important principles be financially independent! To order celebrate the independence day of United State, let us be equally applied the above principles in our lives so that we also gained financial independence!


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