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Thursday, May 17, 2018

10 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Businesses

If you think digital marketing or online marketing is not something that big and influential, then you are wrong. Starting in 2014, the number of ads placed on the internet already beat the ads on television and cable television network.

Traditional advertising is now no longer have ' power ' considering multi-channel digital marketing continues to increase as much as 137% increase in support plus 500% brand that uses a digital marketing strategy. The increase is of course driven by the consumer and your own.

As many as 72% of consumers are already connected with the brand of their choice through a wide array of digital marketing channels. However, although the majority of consumers and business owners are choosing digital marketing route, there is still a small business who do not follow this trend.

You need to know that digital marketing system is not as complicated as you may think. Digital marketing has many great benefits for entrepreneurs or consumers.

These 10 benefits of digital marketing for businesses that will convince you.
1. Connect you with consumers on the Internet

Currently consumers already are no longer looking for information about a product or service items through classified ad page. Currently, at least 80% of consumers use the internet to obtain information regarding goods or services more easily and comfortably.

With so many tools and channel available in digital marketing, business owners can reach the target consumer is the average of those who spend their time looking for information via the internet.
2. Generate high Sales

Through digital marketing, you can reach more audiences you are targeting. You can also generate leads (prospects) and achieve increased conversions (sales) to 24%. Digital marketing ' opening ' the street marketing efforts will be fruitful.

3. Make you more efficient
Digital marketing to make Your expenses become more minimal.

Digital Marketing Gartnet issued a report that shows how small businesses now get many of the advantages of digital marketing. For example, as many as 40% of their reported cost efficiency in their businesses.

Small businesses that are meant here is business or companies that have limited resources. Digital marketing is then able to help business owners, not only produce new generations and consumer, but also helps save you expenses of entrepreneurs.
4. Enable real-time customer service

Digital marketing offers You the existence of the consumer or customer response mechanism of real time, which will give a huge impact on the success of your efforts, according to a report from eMarketer.

Advantages of chanel servicing provided by digital marketing which are generating revenue, retain customers and give you the satisfaction of consumer service.
5. Reach out to users of Mobile (Smartphone)

Digital marketing brings you enter the giant market area, where the digital marketing activities through the mobile device generate up to 34% of the total organic traffic.
The culture of using gadgets
91% of adults in the United States have always used their mobile devices at any time.

According to eMarketer, mobile technology is also affecting consumer purchase behavior. The data show that 91% of adults in the United States have always used their mobile devices at any time.
6. Helps generate high income

Consumers who Transact online requires six main points to convince them to make a purchase, after that they could even be four times as much from consumers make purchases normally.

Digital marketing strategy can increase profits mengasilkan confirmed 2.8 times greater for a business compared to traditional marketing.
7. ROI becomes even higher

In a report on HubSpot, terkonfiramsi that digital marketing can help you to generate Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) are better compared to traditional marketing or telemarketing.
8. Keep your position against the Competition

Many brands and businesses are currently competing with digital marketing campaigns for them. Entrepreneurs use an assortment of channel including display, PPC, and social media usage.
9. Help you compete with big companies

Not only makes your position on equal footing with competitors, but digital marketing also allows you to compete for head to head with the big brands and companies.
10. Prepare you for the Era of the Internet of Things

The era of the Internet of Things

Gartner reports that in the year 2020 it is predicted the existence of 26 billion gadgets, smartphones, tablets, watches, sunglasses, shoes and other equipment that will be connected in a global online ecosystem that will establish the era of the Internet of Things.
The Fact Of The Digital Results Marketing Infographics

The following level of trust toward advertising online or in other words the results from digital marketing in Southeast Asia:

    Search engine: 57%
    Social media: 53%
    Online video: 52%
    Online banner: 47%

Currently, the available advertisements on search engines to grab the highest kredibiltas. Nearly 6 out of 10 people (57%) consumers indicates trust in this channel. Thailand grabbed the highest trust score i.e. 63% 61%, Indonesia, the Philippines and Viet Nam 55% 56%.

Meanwhile, the credibility of advertising on social networks and online video ads get score trust each of 53% and 52%. Trust video ads increased in four Southeast Asian countries, the highest in the Philippines and Thailand by a score of 56%, Viet Nam and Indonesia with number 52%, 47% and Singapore Malaysia 41%.

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