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Thursday, May 17, 2018

10 Ideas for Digital Business Opportunities that Could Make You Rich

Digital technology is not going to run out covered in one article alone. Digital technology is very broad in scope and is very beneficial in many areas of human life, to help the work of the order becomes more succinct. Including in the field of business.

Digital technology is closely related to the internet and its utilization. For those of you who have some soul, many gaps promising business in the digital field. Surely, if you are jelly looking for business opportunity and work hard enough, you will earn that much.

Here are 10 ideas for digital business opportunities that could make you rich.

1. Web Development

Website creation services this should be building on their expertise in the field of IT, buying a domain, hosting, and internet network. This is a work that will never desert the buyer. Given the effectiveness of the internet which is used almost in all fields, becoming a web designer is a very promising work. Indeed web creation service is available free, but the paid website has more advantages.

Apart from a better display, the paid web also features a more complete, so product promotion will be more interesting and effective. The advantages you will get up to 80% with a very promising prospect. Do not have the expertise? Quiet, you can learn them are self-taught. Many sources that you can make it as a teacher. Oh yes, even sell any unique domain name is a business opportunity in the digital world.

2. Create a Startup

Startup is a term or a term to entrepreneurs about business in the field of pioneering digital. There are many services offered, such as website creation, software, mobile applications, and more. Business startup prioritizes the content interesting and creative in order to demand by society. Then, from where does the admission? Of ads shown and paid features offered when opening web or application. In starting a digital business did have to have the ability in the field of IT, or at least there is a competent team in the field of IT, sales, and so on, in accordance with the needs of startup that has been executed. OLX (good), Blibli, and BukaLapak are a few examples of the famous startup in Indonesia.

3. Create an Interesting Blog and Generate

This is a hobby that can make money. Just from writing about hobbies and life story are beneficial to others, or writing with specific themes, you can add income monthly. There are many ways so that the blog made can generate, including commissions from an affiliate with a party or other manufacturers when selling the product. In addition, you can also offer ads on your blog. But for this one, certainly needed a high traffic so that people want to put ads on your blog.

Write a review of other products that will be paid by the owner of the product. Or it could be you made a blog specifically for the product you are selling. Another one, using a system of Pay Per Click (PPC) where you will get paid per click. A good blog is to have SEO content and present something interesting and informative.

4. Create and Sell Digital Information Products

What is it? For example e-book with useful material, e-comic, as well as one of the new look of the comic is the future. With a provocative, sales strategy guaranteed to be sold well. Customize the content with topics that are hot and beneficial in accordance with the target market will be targeted. Pretty easy, right? Here are some recommendations for a place to sell information products, i.e. Clickbank, Julio, Guides.co

5. Provide Graphic Design Services
Graphic design creation service has enormous prospects. The high demand caused by the promotion of products that takes an interesting look and supported by increasingly sophisticated computer tools. To get a client, you can start selling in some of the marketplace, such as Sribulancer, 99designs, and Script. You can get the customers from home and abroad. The more often you create your portfolio, then you will be more proficient and result in quality. Please try if you are a hobby of drawing or designing something. Make your images rather than just the image.

6. Sell the Plugin and WordPress Templates

One of the lively blog engine WordPress is used. This is because maintenance and modification that is not so difficult. Along with the increasing use of WordPress, then demand templates and plugins also increased. This is an idea of business opportunities that could be exploited. In addition to the intention and hard work, surely also needed the expertise to create webs, such as HTML/CSS/JS, PHP, and others. For those of you who are new to working in this field, it is recommended to do a test on some of the marketplaces, such as Mojo and Themeforest, Themes, so you can get a review from another party. Income obtained in accordance with the place of sale: exclusive, nonexclusive, and on private property on the website, if You have many flying hours.

7. Become a Content Writer/Articles SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

For those of you who love to write, there is no harm in trying to work in the digital world. Of several lines of business opportunity ideas have been discussed before, it has been high-light that the interesting content with SEO will further boost up traffic and get recommended by search engines, such as Google, on their first page. You can be the author of the content merged into the company content writers. Or you can also be a writer for a web subscription and news portals are already established.
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8. Build the Agency the Creation of Articles and Content

Now, if you have enough capital and the editing team in order to make the paper better, you could try the business on this one. You just have to put ads to search for and select the person who is competent in writing good SEO content. Some editors are required to maintain the quality of the writing and require good marketing so that it is known by many people. Now, many startups that is doing business in the field of writing content, for example, service Kontenesia article writer.

9. Make a Mobile Application

Have heard inspiring stories of successful pelvic porters make applications games and earning a magnitude far berkali fold from the porters panggulnya first? With the more often people use mobile technology, then during this time, the business of mobile applications will still be prospective. Google has been providing support for the utilization of the features of Android applications, only studied in earnest only. There will be profit sharing from advertising of Google Admob. Examples of applications are successful is Go-Jek applications and games for children.

10. Making Software

The software contains a software is a programming language that has unity and has value and purpose. Based on its distribution, software is divided into two types, namely the paid software and free software. Currently, there are many types of software, including Adware, Beerware, Freeware, Shareware, Spyware, and Open Source. If you can make the software and have the expertise to craft a coding, please try.

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