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Thursday, May 17, 2018

3 Digital Business Ideas that you Can Sample

As the development of the times and the technology business world, Indonesia was a little much. One of the changes that can be seen is the advent of the digital business. Actually, this is not something new, as Asuna has emerged since the year 2008. Indonesia's largest disc Forum is like being the opening act for another digital business idea, because after it started many businesses similar to enliven the market in Indonesia. In addition, another factor that makes this business is flourishing in Indonesia is the inclusion of internet facilities.  Regardless, this article will discuss some of the ideas about digital-based efforts that might inspire you.

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Transportation and Accommodation

The emergence of transportation services that can be ordered online as it opens a new perspective on the digital business idea in Indonesia. Although this business opportunity might just powered by the big corporations only, you do not know that they are also a business that is built from scratch and has continued to innovate until successful. In addition to transportation, other ideas is to make an online accommodation service to book airline tickets, hotels, and more. When you want to start a business of this type, maybe both of these ideas could be your inspiration.

The Marketplace

If you want to dive into the digital world, then you should understand the difference Marketplace and e-commerce or online store. The marketplace is the online store prepares a place for the traders selling in their place. The marketplace can also be described as an online mall. Here, you can find a lot of virtual merchants that sell a variety of goods that required consumers. Ranging from clothing, household appliances, and food. The digital business idea is still quite promising, though there have been several large corporations that are a favorite of consumers. This does not mean you have no chance to run this business. If you could give more innovation, then your business will be successful and continue to evolve.

Financial Technology

As it turns out, not only transport and accommodation are transformed online turns out financial business don't want outdated. At this time, to apply for credit card applications, opening savings, to do the loan funds do not require you to come directly to conventional Banks. By leveraging financial technology or your fintech can already get the above needs. No need to doubt, digital business ideas like fintech still is promising to do. Moreover, Indonesia increasingly often do community lending and banking transactions.

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