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Saturday, May 26, 2018

3 Modern Economic Problems for Business Improvement

Economic problems facing mankind are very numerous and diverse. The meeting comes as economic problems between infinite human needs against limited resources so as to cause problems. The problems are many and varied greatly in the economy according to modern flow can be grouped into three major problems, namely:

1. What will be produced (What)?

The determination of what would be produced is a major problem and is important in the economy. Because, in addition to the number of limited resources, the fault determination of what would be produced could lead to losses, even bankruptcy for manufacturers, and also can be detrimental to society because of the goods and services that build up and unused. This is a waste of resources. To find out what needs to be produced in order to meet the wishes of consumers, manufacturers must have an assessment based on conformance with the basic human characteristics, namely:

a. Humans have never satisfied so that each product requires unending innovation.

b. human beings love things practically so that the resulting product must have the ability to simplify people's lives.

c. Human nature wants to be recognized and appreciated, so for some, like to have items which are a luxury or prestige.

d. human beings have curiosity, so tend to require goods that support their curiosity.

2. How do I Produce (How)?

If the manufacturer has determined what will be produced, the next step is to think about how to produce it. How to produce very related to how to combine resources or factors of production required to produce goods and services. To determine how the production where appropriate, manufacturers need to consider aspects of efficiency or savings. Please select the way least production cost so that the resulting goods and services can be sold for a relatively cheap price.

The savings could be made, for instance by looking for raw materials with cheaper price but still well quality. In addition, it should also consider using modern machines? If the request is a little, the use of modern machinery is certainly not yet needed.

3. For whom the goods/services Produced (Whom)?

This relates to how to distribute goods or services into the market, in other words, who needs the stuff and anyone who enjoyed the result. To formulate answers to the questions ' to whom ' the things that need to be considered include:

a. What are the goods produced?

This will answer the question about who will be involved in the production process and enjoy the benefits of the process of production of the goods. For example, a provider of raw materials, the employees will receive wages, as well as owners of land or buildings will receive rent.

b. who are the users of the product & Distribution?

Product users will explain where the goods will be distributed, by means of what distribution, and how such articles can get into the hands of consumers. For example, if the item is for teenagers and marketed online, then the courier service or delivery, will enjoy the results of the process of production and distribution.

c. whether the unemployment figures in place of Marketing so high?

Knowing the number of unemployment in a region is important, assuming, if unemployment is low, then the purchasing power of people in the area will be higher because they have the income to make the purchase.

Identify three (3) basic problems in the modern economy, will help a company to have a good planning in the process of their production. However, despite the problems of the modern economy impressed easy to spot, but in practice takes time and costs little to do his research. So the research can run smoothly, it's good the company has planning and good financial record-keeping.

Online accounting software journal, is one of the solutions for financial planning and record-keeping your efforts with how easy and efficient. By using features of the cost in the Journal, then the use of the software and setting up the production costs will track well.

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