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Sunday, May 27, 2018

5 Surefire Strategies for the Promotion of Business in the Digital Era

In the era of the digital Department, promoting the product to the public at large is increasingly easy to do. However, it is necessary in order for the promotion of strategies that do provide maximum results. The following five most effective promotional strategy that can be tested in the millennial era.

1. Instagram

Instagram has certainly become one of the best social media to promote your product. However, the owner of the label Simple8 Corner, Carlina Eriano, alert to be able to capitalize on Instagram properly. Note the photo quality products will be promoted and the caption itself.

 "Online business that needs communication skills, while interacting with the seller the buyer only through online, so the image and caption should be obvious. Do not enter the origin of the pictures, while Carolina's "advice was met in the area Senayan, Central Jakarta.

The founder of the NoonaKu Signature, Florentina Jeanne, also advocated for using Instagram Ads. He also emphasized so as not to do promotions with ' spam ' in your account Instagram celebrities because it is able to drop the image of your brand.

2. Line or Whatsapp

Now online communication media such as Line or Whatsapp can also be used as a promotional venue. Every new product, Carlina already 13 years of business it was suggested to promote it through Line or Whatsapp. Also, use this medium of communication to establish a relationship of closeness with consumers so that they are increasingly loyal.

3. Take advantage of the Market Place

There is no harm in utilizing marketplace. Carlina ever does it to reach out to a wider market. To open an online store in the marketplace such as Tokopedia or Shopee can get the market from various regions of Indonesia.

4. Endorse

 "Important don,t heck endorse artist or selebgram? Important not important any way you guys hanging there are budget-what is not because the artist that kan had the influence of big in society. If the tag can really affect the same products we endorse, selebgram also really happening again now,  "said Carlina.

Carlina continues, when it wanted to endorse the artist or selebgram should not only look at the number of followers or the like but also who the followers of public figures who want on-endorse. Florentina added, important choosing the right endorser figure so as not the wrong target.

 "The right man must Endorse in order to market is also fitting. Like I never endorse selebgram hundreds of thousands of his followers turned out to be mostly male followers right don,t exactly, but when I endorse that only 20 thousand of his followers but precisely, the same stuff I really influential,  "details.

5. Digital Promotion Activity

Carlina and Florentina advocated establishing good communication with consumers skip the activity being performed digitally. Give, giveaway, quiz or activity using such #ootd also has great hashtag against the promotion of your product.

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