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Thursday, May 17, 2018

5 ways to Start Your Culinary Efforts For the Beginner and Still haven't been Selling Culinary

How the heck how to start a business for you a culinary neophyte?

It was not as difficult as you might imagine. Through the following article, let's learn 5 easy ways to start your culinary efforts.
Plus Minusnya Culinary Efforts

In economic conditions were weakening lately, many businesses into bankruptcy, however, there is a growing business. Is business? CULINARY BUSINESS.

In fact, no matter how little money is obtained, every day everyone needs to eat. Therefore, business this one never subsided.

Culinary business is a land that is often considered gives a lot of advantages. With a relatively small capital, you can take profit of up to 100%.
But despite those advantages, there are certainly downsides of this business. Minusnya is many people flocked to build a business, from food stalls, warung simple, fast food restaurants, fine dining and more.

Finally, competition in this business is quite high.

Surely this makes many budding businessmen hesitate to start a culinary business?

But don't worry, there's actually no matter what type of business you are, everything will be easy as long as you never give up and continue to learn.

Well, in order for Your culinary business more smoothly, check out 9 getting started a culinary business for those of you who are still novices from Finansialku:

How Do I Start A Culinary Business?
Surely there are some general tips that can be applied to improve the success of Your culinary business amid fierce competition today. Here are a few examples:
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#1 Know your market: selling fried rice or selling Typical Foods of the Middle East

The market is one important aspect of business. Market segmentation is dividing a market activity into groups the different buyers that have the needs, characteristics, or behavior that may require a different product or a different marketing mix.

Given the importance of the market segment in every business, of course, you also need to know and determine your market before starting the culinary business.

For example, let's look at the following comparison:

If you choose to sell fried rice, the point of its far-flung. You have to figure out how to let the market know fried rice you and find out what's the difference between Your fried rice from other fried rice. In other words, its market wider.
If you choose to sell Middle Eastern specialties and sold in Indonesia. You must specify approximately who a person who likes typical food of the Middle East to determine market segment, then consider also how they can tell if you have a typical Middle Eastern dinner. In other words, more segmented market.

#2 what is different from Your Culinary Efforts?

You surely know every business must have a distinguishing factor, also called a USP (Unique Selling Proposition). If you don't have one, you will not be able to survive in the competition.

#3 How do you Serve Your Customer?

What is the location of a major factor in business? Can be Yes and could not.

First, the location is indeed arguably very important due to the strategic location means a lot passing by prospective consumers. Then people try to find a strategic business location and lively.

But as the development of technology is now the location of being not too important. Why? Because there have been many facilities messages between their online and ready to help you.

For example, Go Food, Grab the Food and service provider between meals, then the customer no longer needs to bother driving to a restaurant.

Well, which way you choose to serve the customer? You are free to choose the location or do not want to sell. If you are selling the site, then make sure:
  • Your site listed on Google Business
  • Your location is easily accessible
  • Your location has adequate parking

#4 how to build a relationship with Your Customer

What is a customer or a customer? In General, customers are defined as individuals or groups seeking the fulfillment of the purposes of primary, secondary, or tertiary with how to use the product or service provided by an individual or another group through the transaction buying and selling.

Without customers, your business may not obtain the success. Therefore, it is important to build good relationships in both directions.

To be able to build a good relationship with the consumer, you have to figure out some way in building a relationship with Your customer. To understand, let's see a few examples below:
  • Transactional: message, pay, meal and customer examples: KFC.
  • Self-service: public eating rice ramesan, grab yourself, then show it to the cashier to pay, and when you're done eating. Example: warung nasi
  • Automated service: take your own food such as buying fast food at the supermarket. Example: Indomaret.
  • Communities: selling the place, make people prefer to hang out and play at home to eat. Example: Upnormal and Starbucks.
Well, what kind of relationship would you choose for Your culinary business?

#5 source of Income

When you create a business, surely the aim is profit. In other words, you have to plan financially comfortable fine.

In planning your finances, You need to know the source of the culinary business income. Are you going to rely on products as a source of income? Or advertising, commissions, etc.

For example, when you sell fried chicken, you can make the package plus rice and drink at prices cheaper. Well, consider from then you will gain an advantage.

You don't get concerned with low prices but failed to cover the entire cost (expense) of your culinary business.

Another example, there is also a coffee shop where it's not just coffee, but also sold snacks and pastries.

By selling snacks, they vied for extra income because many consumers who feel hungry while hanging out at the coffee shop.

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