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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Before The Property Business, Understand These Terms Used To

During this business property is assessed is very promising. In addition to being one of the basic necessities of the people, in the form of residential property (residential) can also give advantages in the future. Not surprisingly, many are tempted to plunge into the world of business property.

Are you also interested in starting a business property? If Yes, make sure you have to equip yourself with sufficient knowledge. Offered from 99.co, its marketing strategy you should learn and understand the basic things such as terms in property as follows.

The Deed Of Sale And Purchase
The certificate stated has happened in between the rights of ownership of an asset and legally legitimate. The name on the certificate has changed from the name of the developer into the name of the buyer.

Fixed rate
The amount of interest paid remains from the loan amount and installments of principal also will be the same until the loan is paid off. Usually, this will be no interest if you pay by credit.

Floating interest rate (Floating rate)
In addition to a fixed rate, the credit is also available in floating interest. This means that the interest rate can vary each month, depending on the ups and downs of interest rates of the bank.

Property Boom
Boom is a term that describes the request properties are soaring sharply or best-selling sweet.
The BEA acquisition of rights to land and buildings (BPHTB)

BPHTB is a tax imposed on the acquisition of rights to land or a building, which was called a tax.

Capital Gains
Talk about the advantages of investment property, there are capital gains terms means a position favoring investors gained from the rise in property prices. How to calculate it, property prices now-purchase price.

No doubt You have often heard the term. Developer or developers are instances of individuals or companies that make housing or apartment.


Buy new properties marketed developers. This is a golden moment for you because it's usually the developer offers special pricing and discounts with some ease.

The body of a neutral mediator between the seller and the buyer. It is common to place a security deposit/deposit, signature & PPJB until handover AJB. In Indonesia the Escrow tasks assigned to the Notary.

Facilities Housing Financing Liquidity is a program of the Ministry of Housing to MORTGAGE loan menyediakaan to home subsidies and cheap houses, with a reasonable interest rate.

The excavation of the Foundation of the building, as the stage of the beginning of a project property.

Building Use Rights
Building Use Rights is a right to erect buildings on land that is not his own, in accordance with the time period of not longer than 30 years.

The purchase by booking in advance. A common occurrence in the Primary market. You pay a deposit of 20-30% of the selling price (depending on the developer) and developers will start building within the period specified.

Building Permit
IMB is given to individuals or legal entities to be able to carry out property development activities.

The Ideas Of Building Permits
The permissions granted to an individual or a legal entity once the property is completed and has been built according to BUILDING PERMITS eligible building equipment function.

The Feasibility Of Using Building
Permission is given to individuals or legal entities after it expires IPB (5 years for nonresidential buildings and 10 years for residential buildings) against eligibility for the proper functioning of the building.

KPR is a credit facility from the bank to buy a House (landed).

Apartment Ownership Credit
Unlike the KPR, KPA is credit facility for the bank to buy the apartment.

Loss Transaction
Invisible costs and unexpected when purchasing property, for example, the payment of the cost of a broker or marketing, payment of taxes, and more.

Nice Property
Is a kind of a great and profitable property if seen from different viewpoints, for example in terms of location, price increases are sharp, darting qualified facilities, and more.

Value Of The Tax Object
The value of the specified state as the basis for the imposition of taxes for the United Nations.
Value Of The Tax Object is often assumed as the lowest price of the property.

Property Crash
A Term describing kegoncangan properties, either because its price surged sharply or decreases fast. This is usually a result of the inherent shakiness of the economy.

Ready Stock
Property for sale in the State have been awakened and you just choose the unit.

The Earth and building taxThe taxes paid by individuals or entities that benefit and/or socio-economic position better because of the rights to the land and the building. These taxes are material, meaning that the magnitude of the tax is determined by the State of the object that is of the Earth/land and/or buildings.

Binding Purchase Agreement 
Sale-purchase agreement between the seller and the buyer in which is still limited to the agreement only and there is no transition of the right of possession of the property legally. So, the certificate still on behalf of the seller, until everything is agreed are met. PPJB is usually done in order not to be purchased by another party.

Service Charge
Costs must be issued the owner/renter of the property each month for services rendered the building manager. Usually calculated per square meter, based on the big unit.

Sinking Fund
Funds must be expended owner/tenant property use to the maintenance costs of the building and public space, such as elevator, painting buildings, and others.

Sunrise PropertyThe new property is a growing and stable increase in value. If the referring location, then the sunrise property is located in the new and developing, new and stable areas and the area rehabilitated to modern.

Sunset Property
Old property with the quality decreased. Properties with characteristics like these less well economically.

Strata title
Shared ownership rights over a building complex consisting of exclusive rights over private space as well as along the top of the public space. That is, in private rooms (apartments), the owner is not bound by the rules. While in the public space, he is bound to the regulations, because of the public space of all occupants. Usually, such rights are owned by the owner of the apartment.

Certificate Of Property Rights
The type of certificate that the owner has full rights over land ownership in the area with certain has been mentioned in the certificate.

Turn Over
An overview of a time when investments will turnover.

Turn Key
The time was agreed upon in the agreement for the handover of the keys.

Period of installment credit, for example, 5 years, 10 years, or 15 years.

The profit is calculated from the value of the rent per year divided by the property price. For example, Rp400 million in property prices while rents Rp30 million per year, then the property is 7.5% yield.

Doing business in the property sector is indeed always interesting to discuss. In addition, you also need to know and understand the basic things such as terms in the property so as not to be fooled.

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