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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Business and Ethics in the Modern World

Modern business is a very complex reality. Now, this community more to do business compared to other jobs. Because the Prophet Muhammad also recommend us for entrepreneurship or what is now called in business. Before further discussing business and ethics, the better we know in advance about the understanding of business and ethics itself. The business itself has a lot of understanding varies according to the experts. But we take the business sense, is an activity or activities aimed at seeking profit or advantage which provides goods or services to improve the standard of living in the meet the needs of the community.

While ethics in KBBI meaning is right or wrong about the value of shared a group or society. Ethics is a hold that regulates and assess human behavior, good behavior should be abandoned, as well as the behavior that needs to be done. So, business ethics is itself a means to conduct business that covers all aspects, related to the individual, industrial companies and also the community. Some of the factors that influence and determine business activities namely organization managerial, scientific, technological and socio-cultural politics. Business as a social activity can be highlighted by the lack of from 3 different viewpoints, is

The perspective of the economics of business is an activity that includes Exchange, buying and selling, producing, marketing, interacting with another person with the intent to earn a profit. In business, we must also pay attention to our moral in behaving. Not only the pursuit of profits but must also respect the interests and rights of others. We teach case to others and also ourselves to do business in a way that is fair and just. Business was good in generating profits.
  • The moral point of view. In business we have also put forward a profitable business, but also its moral must be in press right. Because of good business is a business that has moral or ethical standards. In the moral point of view, a good business is a good business there are several benchmarks i.e., conscience is a good deed if the ugly deeds of do are contrary to conscience today.
  • The golden rule, that is to say, a positive way i.e. If want to treat other people then let treats should treat yourself. Whereas if a negative manner don't treat other people, what you don't want to do it yourself against yourself. General assessment to determine good as bad an act or conduct is handed over to the general public for votes.
  • The point of view of the law. We also have to obey the law in doing business, because the law in doing business is an important branch of modern legal science. Because of good business is a business that complies with the law. Besides the law, we also have to have ethics in business. The law is a normative point of view, for what it sets out to do or not to do.

. In this modern business that is preferred is the in the express money with the cash generated from the business. But more importantly, human interaction with humans to others because it's become economical activities interactions. Some think if business and ethics there is no relation at all. The statement is very wrong. Just imagine if the company did a lot of business the way that does not comply with the norms in force in the community, even tend to be disliked by the public. It will have an impact on the decline of the company's image in the eyes of the community. In modern business, the business is required to become a professional determination in its field. In a very tight business competition, the consumer is King.

Modern business is highly aware that the employee is not the labor that must be exploited for the sake of profit. Because the employee is not a robot that must be continuously employed. To get a good business and preferred community, there are some principles of business ethics, i.e.
  • The principle of autonomy is the attitude and the human capacity to take decisions and act on your own awareness of what it thinks is good to do.
  • The principle of honesty. Honesty in relationships works in an enterprise. Honesty in the supply of goods and services with the quality and the price is comparable. Honesty in the fulfillment of the terms of agreement and contracts.
  • The principle of Justice demanded that everyone is treated equally in accordance with the rules that are fair and in accordance with rational and objective criteria and be accountable.
  • The principle of mutual benefit. These principles demand that the business is run in a way that benefits all parties.
  • The principle of moral integrity. This principle we appreciate as demands in business that he runs a business while maintaining his good name or reputation of the company.

When the moral is that encouraging people to do good ethics Act as signs which is a deal are willing of all the anggora groups. The unscrupulous business world will be able to develop an ethic that ensures balanced business activities, in tune, and harmony. Ethics assigns in a given community group will be able to guide and remind members to do the activities of the praised one. In the business world, we have to customer satisfaction compared to self-interest. Because customer satisfaction is more important.

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