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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Business Management and Business Strategy of the Company Indonesia

Each company certainly wants to grow and develop for the long term.  Not only a year or two but can last up to a couple of generations or even tens or hundreds of years.  Many already you can see the many companies that survived the decades or hundreds of years and has been transformed into a multinational company, which has a network of up to around the world.  Call it the Toyota, Unilever, Philips or newly-emerging such as Samsung, LG, and the most phenomenal moment i.e. Xiaomi, companies from the land of Bamboo Blinds.

If other countries are already capable of impacting the world, how about you as a son of the nation of Indonesia, does not want to be a world player and a pioneer of the nation's economic progress?  What you already are doing in managing their business management and business strategy of the company taking the global role of Indonesia?

Certainly a rhetorical question, which we already know the answer.  But we have to admit that it turns out not many among us who are able to give an answer. Or even many of us who are already quite satisfied with being the player's own in the country.  Business management and business strategies for companies in Indonesia still plenty conventional nature, such as the concept of Commerce, people's market, labor-intensive and more.  The global concept put forward technology still skimpy firm in akomodir Indonesia.

Apart from the wishes and goals of any company that wants to play globally, then Indonesia company had who could play the role of their regional and international sector.  Call it government-owned enterprises such as Pertamina, Telkom or BNI, which although still new, but already capable of listing on the floor world exchanges.  And this being a sign that there is a glimmer of hope in which Indonesia is a nation of great Nations that not only the number of inhabitants and thousands of Islands but also a great nation from the movement of its economic sectors.

What these players have done in the management of enterprises and their business strategy.  Here we take some examples of business strategies that may be implemented in Your organization to grow as a world-class player.

Optimization of Core Business, so as to depress operational cost companies that certainly took the largest portion. In addition to cost efficiency, the business growth strategy is done by developing the network's potential.
  • Diversification of the product which is the main product of toppings, so every customer will feel get more value from the products they buy.
  • Aligning the structure of the business by the management of the portfolio of products, so that the development of the organization do not widen without a clear purpose. With a Lean Organization, then the operational cost will be optimal in every line.  A general term that we know is Cost Effectiveness, is not doing cost cutting.
  • The transformation of corporate culture, as the driving force of every line for the Organization in line with the vision and mission of the company. In the absence of cultural transformation, then the system is as good as any to be difficult to bring the growth acceleration company.

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