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Friday, May 4, 2018

Germany is the country's Best College Destination in Europe For International Students

Country Germany more attractive to international students compared to other European countries such as the United Kingdom and France. According to the results of a study conducted by Study.EU. What made Germany attractive?

During the last few years, we've been doing a lot of changes among the universities, and there is also a change among the public. We want to show that we love it if foreign scientists and students coming to Germany.

Since the year 2005, the Government annually increase investment in the field of science. This is in fact contrary to the international trend that continues to decrease the budget for education and study. Now, we are able to offer a wide variety of interesting studies majors, and many students who believed, with a diploma from Germany they had the better chances in the job market.

United Kingdom and the United States are usually known as the country's favorite destination for studied. According to various school ranking second in circulation, the country has universities with a high rating. However, the results of a new study said, that Germany is the best in Europe.

The study was done by the site Study.EU which analyses the 30 countries in Europe. Germany is ranked number one with 80.7 points from a maximum of 100 points-far above the United Kingdom (75.8) and France (68.6). Last year, Germany also tops.

Three categories were analyzed by the study are: education, fees, daily life, and careers.

Study.EU CEO Gerrit Bloss told The Local pages, even though the United Kingdom is still the best in the standard ranking of universities, secondary schools Germany scored higher than the teaching of the United Kingdom.

"Germany also offer more courses in the language of the United Kingdom. While the United Kingdom and Ireland dominates this field, Germany is the second country after the Netherlands to the number of courses that can be taken in the student's language of United Kingdom, "says Bloss.

This is an important factor for the next few years if Germany wants to continue to attract international students, add Bloss.

About 18,000 of the 2000 majors to choose from in Germany, held in the language of the United Kingdom. 12 percent of students in Germany are foreigners.

In addition, University students in Germany, either local or international student, do not pay dues. Administrative costs only between 100-500 Euros each semester that includes public transportation fares.

For the category of life and career, Bloss argued Germany could still be better. Graduate study in Germany could be settled until 18 months after the College was completed. This time is longer than in the United Kingdom, where the non Eu students are normally only allowed to stay longer just several months after graduation.

Career prospects for international students in Germany can be developed more, according to Bloss's problem, in particular in "the integration of students into the employment market ".
In Germany, if you are sick or need advice to medical mesalah, first go to a general practitioner or physician who practices around your home or where you live. In Germany he called Hausarzt.
There are so many general practitioners who decide whether a patient should be directed to a particular specialist.

Doctor hours vary. But most of the practice is closed on weekends and on Wednesday afternoon. In urgent situations, patients can go to the emergency room at the hospital, best open 24 hours. Emergency phone number to call for an ambulance in Germany is 112.

Health insurance

Good citizen of Germany as well as entrants are required to have health insurance. There is a public or private insurance providers in the country.

Students international also had mandatory insurance. There are special rates are available for students and less expensive. For students under the age of 30, per month about 70 insurance the cost of the euros. For those aged over thirty years about 130 euros, and women over the age of 30 years more expensive again, around 150 euros per month.

This insurance is very useful if you are sick. The insurance will pay the cost of the doctor or the hospital. Types of incurred depending with contracts made with customers insurance. Also some drugs get subsidies from insurance.


Usually shops in a small town in Germany is open between 08.00-18.00, but in large cities, there are closes at 20.00 or 21.00. The bakery is open earlier, at around 06.00. While big supermarket open until 22.00. Only a few supermarkets are open until 24.00.

If going to the supermarket, usually the citizens of Germany bring its own pouch or a shopping cart. The supermarket does not provide a free pouch. If forgot to bring his own pouch, forced to spend to buy the pouch shopping. Not providing a shopping pouch for free is part of the effort of keeping the environment by excessive use of plastic sacs avoid.

At the checkout, try so don't be too slow entering the goods into SAC shopping, because the clerk cashier working very quickly, so that does not happen long queues.

On Saturday, some shops close early. Nearly all stores are closed on Sundays. If there is a sudden needs on that day, you could go to a kiosk or shops at the gas station.


Germany's currency is the Euro. Almost all stores accepting debit cards, which you can apply his cards in the bank. It makes you have quick access to use the money, like in Indonesia: platform independent or ATM cash. Most banks offer checking accounts for students with administration costs.

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