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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

How To Manage Your Business Finances And Effort Effectively

Organize or manage your business finance and business effectively is a method to keep the rate or flow of funds of the company so as not to leaks which led to financial losses.

How do I set this business finance of course will be very different from how to manage personal finances.

Requires expertise in financial management strategy, thus not uncommon although only an SME company or other type of small business, they are willing to recruit experienced in this area to help control the funding effort.

Learning to manage business finance and business in a professional manner

By studying some of the basic principles of financial management, then at least you can try to set the rate of business finance themselves without having to recruit experts.

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1. Separate private company's financial
This error is most often committed by perpetrators of this type of small businesses where they think the money uasaha is not unlike the personal finance so it always made one.

Perhaps because the effort is still small, it doesn't matter if you think mixing business with personal money.

But as a result on the difficulty of distinguishing where personal and business finance at the break were wanting to do an audit.

Not rarely also negligence in fulfilling personal needs little by little also undermined the cash money venture.

So, how to manage your business finances the first is immediately separate the money physically.

If it is necessary to prepare two different money storage method.

It will be better yet, if you use banking services.

Open an account specifically to use for business. And most importantly, be disciplined in applying this separation. Once again, the key is "discipline" and "commitment".

2. Use of financial accounting

Managing a business not only enough managed memory, but rather should be a complete entry.

How to manage the finances of your next venture is a minimum you must have the cash book Entry (BKM) and cash book out (BKK) that records out the influx of money.

Then you must match the daily balance money physically with your notes.

This is done to control the transaction of money and ensure no money tucked away.

The next stage, increase the ability of your administration to record sales and costs.

No less important, you should also take note of the balance-balance debt receivables, inventory and fixed assets to you.

If able to, use computer systems to facilitate the process. And more super if you could implement an adequate accounting system, so that it can display financial reports efforts, at least in the form of a balance sheet and profit/loss.

3. Plan with good use of the money
You still have to plan the best possible use of your money, even when you have a lot more capital than you think.

Do not hambur-hamburkan the money even though the cash balance you in position. Without careful planning, soon you will find yourself in a State of lack of funding.

Customize your spending plan with targets sales and cash receipts.

Delay capital spending plans if it doesn't provide benefits in increasing sales or lower costs.

Do an analysis of "cost and benefit" to assure that the use of your money is not wasted and would deliver a profitable return or raise profit effort.

4. Do rounds on the cash effectively
Don't just centered on profits. How to manage your business finances including how you manage your debt, accounts receivable and inventory.

Many businesses have difficulty cash despite their accounting records show good numbers.

Notice how you play cash. Round of cash you slow down if your credit sales terms longer than kulakannya, or if you need to store inventory of merchandise.

You must try their credit sales terms are the same as your credit purchases. You should also be able to suppress the level of inventories in such a way so that it can continue to fulfill the order but without financial burden.

5. Ensure the profit calculations correctly

Your goal as a young entrepreneur is making a profit, but do you know how much profit you've got?

Calculate the advantage exactly as important as making a profit itself.

The most critical part in calculating the advantages are counting the costs.

Most of the costs can be known because it involves cash payments. Most others are not in the form of cash money, such as depreciation and amortization.

Some haven't happened yet need to be reserved for the issued in the future, such as tax and loan interest.

6. Controls the assets, debts and capital conditions
Periodically, you need to check the inventory in the warehouse and makes sure everything is in a State of complete and good.

But before you can do that, you need to have an adequate administration to control it all.

Things you need to do the same against accounts receivable-accounts receivable to the buyer and bill-bills from suppliers.

You don't want anyone Bill that bogged down or kedobelan pay to the supplier because of your messy notes.

If you are not able to do it all yourself, you can hire the financial section and set the financial procedures sufficient to ensure that the wealth of your efforts is always maintained well.

7. Plan benefits from the results of enterprise development

You are entitled to enjoy the benefits of your business, but it does not mean you can spend it.

You should still set aside some profits for the development effort.

The right business development also became one form or type of investment to do a businessman.

One of the important tasks of financial management is to maintain the viability of the business by encouraging and directing investment to other fields which are also profitable.

The bigger your business, also how to manage increasingly complex finance your venture.

When your business involves creditors and investors, then the higher the requirement to have a good financial record-keeping system.

The key to success and the success of the effort is not only determined by your ability to sell, but also organize or manage the finances of both personal, family or business and financial effort.

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