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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Recognize the Differences Designer and Developer in the world of technology

In the industry coding, there are two types of Creative Minds, namely the Designer and Developer. Most people are mistaken in using both terms. In fact, both have a much different role, both in terms of personality or skill. This error often makes you feel confused in choosing which type you should be living in today's technology industry. Well, here is an explanation of the meaning of both types.

As reported by the hacktiv8.com page. There are two explanations differ among Web designers and Web developers, the following is an explanation of both:

What's a Web Designer?

Web designers generally have a role in creating a good user experience for the end user. Tasks a web designer is similar to a task such as arbiter, where they are tasked with making plans website which will be run by the development. Therefore, a web designer must know and understand about coding. In addition to coding, they also need to have other skills, such as knowledge of how to design a sitemap that is well and good and how to make responsive design elements in order to pursue the targets that have been given.

You are talented to become a Web Designer if You are a type of Visual

If you have a good feel in Visual things, it can help you understand and grasp what kind of interface page desired by the end user. If you find it much easier to learn through pictures and graphics, then you are the person who tends the Visual type.

You are the Creative type

To be a Web Design required a lot of thought that out-of-the-box (creative) as well as in need of special attention is addressed not only to the goal but to the process of the project.

You are the type of person who loves to get direct Feedback

If you feel glad to get feedback directly from end user through view or comment, you are indeed suitable and have the talent to be a Web Designer. Because that part is a part that can make a designer happy.

What is a Web Developer?

A web developer is a work undertaken simultaneously with a designer so that plans have been made into reality. In General, a web developer working on most of the coding process and find ways so that coding be run more efficiently. Usually, a job they are more fixated on the working system of a website rather than the appearance of the website itself.

You may fit into a Web Developer

If you like a puzzle and complete the formula, then the work becomes a web development easier and more fun. Sometimes a web development is assigned to solve the problems found in the coding of the website.

You are a Logical type

If you solve a problem in more use of logic in feeling, then it can be said you have an aptitude for being a web developer. Because of a web development more in need of logical rather than visual and feelings.

You are a person who is more thought of salary

Both work good designer, as well as development, has pretty competitive salary levels. However, in General, Developers get a salary above the average. This is due to the level of their specific knowledge in doing any type of coding.

That's some of the striking difference of both types of work. Designers and Developers are often nicknamed "Unicorn" in the technology industry: for how difficult it is finding them. Now, you can specify who you are in the world of technology. Maybe useful.

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