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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Secret Of How To Achieve Financial Freedom

How do I achieve financial freedom?. the financial freedom is the a condition of on someone who makes him do not need to work actively to generate money to meet the needs of his life. People who have the financial freedom that in general have a financial infusion from the assets it owns is greater than on the need for the cost of his life. In other words, assets (property/money) that is working for the people.

For example, someone has 13 home, a home of its own and used 12 more for rent. The cost of living every month people satisfied the person from each House. So, in January using the rent contract from the first home to meet the cost of his life for one month, February, using the rent contract from second homes to meet the cost of his life for a month, and so on until with twelve of his home which means able to fulfill the needs of his life for one year.

The interesting thing is no matter young or old someone or how much money they generate. As long as they are able to make money to make ends meet living apart from their main job, then they already belong to achieve financial freedom.

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Well now start we discussed how to achieve financial freedom? In general, there are two ways to achieve financial freedom. The first way is to multiply the asset and the second way is to reduce expenses-expenses.

How to achieve financial freedom with Multiple Assets

As already exemplified in the beginning, someone could achieve financial freedom by gathering and has assets of 13 homes and rent another home 12. But don't be dazzled just yet, don't imagine yummy when had onto the House 13. Imagine also how to fall wake up his when doing the anticipated struggle with a variety of ways (halal) to be able to get thirteen House. Because sometimes, most people just want to imagine that Fortunately only, without want to imagine not Fortunately are heavy and full of challenges to achieve a goal.

Well, the essence of multiple assets to achieve financial freedom this is gathering assets capable of generating financial income. Until when is the completion of collecting the assets to be able to come to achieve financial freedom? Until the assets capable of generating revenue exceeds expenses need to live for that person.

How to achieve financial freedom by reducing Expenditure-expenditure

Another way to achieve financial freedom is to reduce spending-spending that is not essential but still continue to add assets. One way to reduce spending on unnecessary expenses-this is by focusing on a simple lifestyle. Simple lifestyle doesn't mean we get someone who's a cheapskate, but a lifestyle how can we control ourselves from spending our money on things that are less important and does not need to. A simple lifestyle is an art style of thinking to find and interpret simple to the point that it is wonderful and makes life to be happy. Simple lifestyle makes the mind becomes free from the torment of the desire to get a wide variety of forms of luxury-luxury sparkling material.

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