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Sunday, May 6, 2018

This is The Flagship School in The United Kingdom

The European Institute of business administration (Insead) ranked second, ahead of the London Business School, the business school IMD Lausanne, Barcelona, and Madrid's IE Business School. In addition, three other leading French school, fall into the category of 20 best schools, namely: the high school of Economics and Commerce (Essec), a high school Business Paris (ESCP Europe), and the Management School of Lyon (EM). Ten other French business school then entered in the 70 's the best European schools.

In drawing up the ranking, "the Financial Times" using four categories ever published before, namely the category of the best MBA programs, continuing education programs, Executive MBA programs, and Executive programs Magister Management best. Other criteria, such as the number of female teaching staff, the number of foreign students or number of professors who already holds a doctorate is also taken into account.

The large number of assessment criteria which are used to make we can appreciate the quality of the French business school, and to his flagship. In addition, most of these schools are experiencing a rise in ratings over the last few years. For instance, Essec up from rank 14 to rank 10 in just the span of a year, or Euromed Management that grabbed 13 ranking in the 2009 year rating appeals. So, the improved quality of teaching primary commitments is noted by French business schools.

According to a study by the French magazine "Le Point" in 2017, the French businessschools increasingly turn to foreign students. The number of students from outside of France who continued their studies at HEC reaches 20%, at EM Lyon and ESSEC 15%, in Euromed management almost 30%, and at the ESCP Europe more than 40%. Meanwhile, the average percentage of graduates working abroad reached 30%. In most schools, at least 25% of their earned a doctorate professors overseas. In the school curriculum included tuition for one year or one semester outside of France. This is realized by in his the interlace partnerships with business schools and other universities in the world.
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Competition among business schools of France and other world universities is a real challenge. Therefore, HEC, Insead and other schools Essec bent round to answer the challenge, by improving the quality of their leadership, from the European level down to the level of the world, by organizing courses for the economic elite, managers and entrepreneurs of the future.

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