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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Want To Try A Business But Had No Capital? So The First Reseller

Many people want to do business but had no capital. No need to dizzy, just try it so the firstreseller for the sake of raising capital can build your own business without having to borrow from the bank.
Women's clothing entrepreneur who was the founder of the NoonaKu Signature, Florentina, suggested that She did not dispute the capital when they want to do business. So resellers become the best solution for raising capital and establish networking.

 "If don’t have the capital better so resellers first don’t lose ya, just post the photos, conduct, can be a good thing. I used to also start with so the reseller sales through BBM keeps collect the right capital from there to make a new brand of its own. So I started a new online offline,  "clearly Florentina to CNBC Indonesia.

Carlina Eriano who was the founder of the label Simple8 Corner also agrees with the opinion of the Family. So resellers can be the first step to achieving success. By becoming a reseller can also learn how to serve the customer to learn the system of sales online.

Different when you have a strong capital since its inception. Well, Florentina nor Carlina suggested to make products themselves in order to live it more seriously when you already have a large capital. But however, the choice of measures to build a business that is important it is not hopeless.

 "If large capital directly makes products themselves are serious. But remember to be appropriate passion Yes and don't most thinkers there are no streets,  "advice Carlina already 13 years in the fashion business.

After trying to do business, Florentina and Carlina suggest learning marketing strategy. Not only via online but also offline do not forget. Although his Department now online but is important for novice businessman tried offline with joint the bazaar or the exhibition business in order to attract more new markets.

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