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Saturday, June 9, 2018

5 Creative Business Ideas and Unique this Proven to Generate a Lot of Money.

Have a creative and unique effort was a big capital in setting up a business. Moreover, this time the competition is increasingly high so that people who open businesses are required to have a unique and creative innovation in order to make the curious consumers to buy.

The following 5 ideas creative effort that rarely thought of by people in Indonesia

1. Rattan Business became Household Character Funny Raup Beromzet Rp50juta/month

Household appliances made of rattan is indeed the much sought after because of the strong material so it is durable. Unfortunately rattan sold its forms stiff, so boring. However, in the hands of Cismi Cikwati, rattan-wicker disulapnya into the rigid household appliances that have funny characters such as Hello Kitty, Winie The Pooh, Cow Dolls, Teddy Bear.

Such as rattan baskets of dirty clothes, place toys, accessories, where city lights a tissue and others. The initial capitalization of innovation Cismi Rp10juta now rake in turnover of up to Rp50juta per month.  The price of the goods ranged from Rp 65,000 and handed Rp1, 5juta.

Business ideas which he named Me and Dots he selling via online and offline. You can buy it at Gandaria City and ITC Mangga Dua while online via instagram and his official website. It currently has many who follow the business of rattan Cismi, so this young woman should continue to innovate by adding the number of character animation to image in rotannya.

2. Open the photo Service Business in the House upside down

Open a photo studio effort that's already outstanding ordinary open photo service in the House upside down. Attempt this one indeed is new and still rare however turned out to be a lot of interest. The average visitors reached 100 people. And on holidays the number of visitors has increased.

Daily upside down world open from ten in the morning and closes at seven in the evening. With the price of Rp 80,000 for adults while children Rp 40,000. These costs include insurance for every visitor, moreover the visitors also can get difotokan without having to pay additional charges.

One of them is an attempt which was given the name Upside Down was inspired from the film upside down which has the concept of the room that all the furniture upside down. So that visitors can take pictures in the room upside down. Because the objects such as beds, sofas, dining table, a closet to closet-mounted on the ceiling. All items are affixed is original. However when the photo don't worry security problems because it has been taken into account.

The tour upside down can already be found in the city of Bandung, Bali and Yogyakarta.

3. Sell the Food Business of grief

Eating is identical to the joyous atmosphere such as wedding, birthday, wisudaan and others. However, what if dining in an atmosphere of mourning? In Indonesia it is indeed business selling food to grief yet vibrant nightlife that exist abroad.

One of the people who developed this business is David Storke who felt sad when he sees a lot of flowers of mourning instead wasted away but the price is pretty expensive. He thought of a flower of grief actually does not need to be needed by those who are grieving. But the most needed foods are mourning. Because they had no cooking and many guests arrive.

In addition, to his opinion expresses condolences through the flower looks like a regular already. So he immortalize themselves in the House of mourning for 27 years while opening a business suffering food marketed in the website with the name sympathyfood.com. Foods that are sold cheaper and nutritious healthy and effective in addition to express grief. It looks like a business like this if it is done in Indonesia will be a lot of devotees.

4. Freelance Admin Medsos famous people

Currently, social media does indeed become the attraction.  No exception for famous people they do not want to Miss berseluncur in cyberspace. However for notable people to make status surely cannot carelessly can-can he get a censure or even lost a lot of fans. Sometimes they jam it not got around to create status or reply to comments so they recruit admin medsos.

Engrossed not plumbed the profession become admin medsos. His tips to become an admin medsos so there's not much hatersnya you have to be smart to make the words of wisdom, not even an information mengeshare of origin may not be the origin of the spicy comment even though you commented upon spicy.

5. Business Rental, Ossan Listening "Curhatan"

Not everyone is able to pour out his heart to the people closest to he should hire other people to listen to the problem. To make a convict named Takanobi Nishimoto built a rental venture vent called Ossan rental.

Customers are usually the Takanobi girls school with the rate per hour or the equivalent Rp131ribu USD10. For his efforts is his Takanobi so that her not feel bored listening to curhatan.  Customers who use the service normally only asked him to tell her something for one or two hours but mostly just told her to listen to it only.

He thinks this idea is out to prove that the men seumurnya (48tahun) can still be useful to give a solution of the problem of other people. Now the Rental Ossan was 4 years old and has 60 employees who average age 45 to 55 years.

Well that's the 5 business ideas creatively you need to try. May be useful.

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