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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Don't Be So Spectators While The Digital Economy The Largest RI Se-Southeast Asia

Echoes of Indonesia into the forefront of the digital economy in Southeast Asia has presented President Joko Widodo in February 2016. According to Jokowi, the value of the country's digital economy in 2020 later of 130 million us dollars. Jokowi it's not optimism without cause. The rapid growth of internet usage and increased capital flows coming into Indonesia's digital ecosystem is a sign that the Government's vision can be realized. Results of the survey Indonesia Internet service provider Association (JIHAD) notes the number of internet users in Indonesia on reaching 2017 143.26 million people. This figure is higher than previous years which only 132.7 million (2016), 110.2 million (2015) and 88.1 million users (2014). Meanwhile, Google research result along Temasek presented in August 2016 shows, the growth of Internet users in Indonesia are among the most rapid in the world, i.e. an average increase of 19 percent per year. The results of the study were projected at 2020 internet users in Indonesia will be as much as 215 million people, from previously only 92 million in 2015. Market value of any predicted Indonesia's online reach 81 billion u.s. dollars before the year 2025, with the e-commerce accounted for 57 percent or 46 billion us dollars. It is in line with the results of the study of Indonesia Venture Capital Outlook 2017 are offered in September 2016. Studies conducted AT Kearney and Google recorded when capital coming into Indonesia's digital ecosystem grows from 0.3 billion u.s. dollars in 2012 were 6.8 billion u.s. dollars in 2016. The State of the digital economy Indonesia currently ever believed the many parties similar to the conditions of China in five to seven years ago.

The similarity is recognized entrepreneur and the investor is the origin of the bamboo curtain country. As written, the venturebeat.com Sunday (29/1/2017), in June 2015, there are seven people of influential entrepreneurs and investors from China who came to Indonesia to meet with startup co-founder. They then assess if there is a similarity between the  State of Indonesia is now with China about five to seven years ago. What's more, this Republic has had three startup unicorn, namely Tokopedia, Traveloka, and Gojek. The Unicorn is a startup company that owns the valuation or value of more than 1 billion United States dollars (around Rp 13.1 trillion). "This reflects the existence of a golden opportunity to invest, both in terms of time or model which has been proven," said Xu Xiao Ping, the leadership groups of entrepreneurs and investors of Chinese origin. Great opportunity of a positive response of investors to the industry startup land and continued investment capital to the sector certainly must be utilized with jelly by the local businessmen.

What's more, according to the Managing Director of Morning Ventures — capital funding for startup companies — Andy Zain, there are many problems in the country that can be used as a business opportunity to set up a startup. Even so, he said, not all problems are suitable for company stub. Just a matter of simple-simple, but has a huge impact, which is sold in the market in Indonesia. This occurs because internet penetration in the country is still small, and many of its residents who also have yet to understand the internet. "Indonesia was huge, bigger than the United States. So if you want to set up a startup, his vision should be able to produce a great impact up to Southeast Asia because we also want to dominate the region, "says Andy, Thursday (3/5/2018). More than that, Andy asserts, because national startup industry growth going so rapidly, then the startup founder must learn quickly. To answer these challenges, they cannot just simply have a lack of knowledge and financial strength.

The head of the Agency's Creative Economy Triawan Munaf said they need to also learn perseverance, risk-taking, and the integrity it takes to be an entrepreneur. "This is required so that they can manage complex business growth and fast," said Triawan, as in a release received Kompas.com, Thursday (3/5/2018). Therefore, in addition to learning and practice, they need guidance from experienced people in the business startup. Well, here the institution any College was instrumental to the success of a startup founder candidates.

For example, as do University-Prasetiya Mulya. This institution of higher education has introduced a Masters program in Management of New Ventures Innovation (NVI) on that day. What is it? Program to educate and train people who want to make these stub companies have facilities named InnovationHub. The lastast, name is a container with mentor-mentornya NVI student gathering that profession as a co-founder, entrepreneur, startup capital ventures, and regulators.  "Through the container, learners could learn a lot from mentor-mentornya about the world of startup, how to challenge, difficulty, and rules in the industry, " said the Dean of the school of business and economics, University of-Prasetiya Mulya, J W Soehadi. That way, they get to know the ins and outs of business startup so it is expected to have the ability in making business startup and grow its business. So, when the digital economy Indonesia to be the biggest in Southeast Asia, they were no longer so the audience, but it has already become a co-founder of startup success.

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