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Sunday, June 3, 2018

India Investigating Air Asia CEO

Air Asia Group CHIEF EXECUTIVE Tony Fernandes, India police investigated because he was suspected of committing acts of bribery to influence local policies. As reported by Bloomberg, in addition to the Central Bureau of Investigation, Fernades India (Central Bureau of Investigation/CBI) also conduct investigations against some other AirAsia Chairman, as well as units of the company AirAsia in India. The examination is carried out in line with the plan of business expansion AirAsia to make India unit as one of the cornerstones of their business with expanded domestic flights, as well as expanding the plan to international flights in January. CBI suspects Fernandes have done a bribe to officials of India through intermediaries to influence local policies, including the granting of permission to fly as well as the approval of permits to fly internationally.

However, AirAsia admitted to not doing any violations and act in accordance with the policy of the local cooperative. The Director of the India Unit of Shuya Mandal said, the company never through criminal proceedings and a related civil case of former CEO of Air Asia India in the year 2016.  "We hope it can provide an early resolution on similar issues, " he said when giving information by electronic mail, Tuesday (29/5/2018). For information, after more than a decade of discussion, in the year 2016 India decided to overhaul the rules of the license-related tight international flights. The previous rules, only the airlines have done a domestic flight for 5 years with a total fleet of as many as 20 airplanes that can have permissions on international flights. While in the new regulations, airlines can do a flight out of the country if they can fly an aircraft in flight routes. The easing of this rule allows companies to local affiliate AirAsia and Singapore Airlines to be able to accelerate their international routes in India. Meanwhile, 51 percent of AirAsia is owned by a conglomerate Tata Sons Ltd a company as well as the local Board of Directors has cast a tender to hire 40 aircraft types Airbus jet fruit SE A320s. Therefore, the airline is targeting can reduce their losses this year. India aviation market as the fastest growing in the world became the main focus of AirAsia. In fact, Fernandez is planning on an IPO for the unit India, which is estimated to be able to increase the

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