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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Smart Business Strategies 4 ala Kylie Jenner

In the age of new age 20 years, Kylie Jenner has become CEO business suffered, Kylie makeup Cosmetics.

In addition to starring in the reality show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians", Kylie also appeared in the show "Life of Kylie" that provide leakage problem lessons business.

For information, these women were able to earn $420 million in just 18 months. In fact, his business was recorded as a billion-dollar enterprise, according to Women's Wear Daily.

Not only that, Kylie also became the youngest who entered the Forbes Celebrity 100 which himself scooped up an income of approximately $41 million in 2017. He had income from endorsement, TV Show, sales of cosmetics, as well as the sale of clothing.

Thus, what is the secret to success Kylie Jenner in developing his business rapidly? The following its leakage.

1. Be a friendly person, but still assertive
If watching reality shows, you will realize that Kylie is a very friendly person.

For example, he could be free to joke with her makeup artist, Ariel Tedja. However, at a time when there are things that are not well liked Kylie from Ariel, he will not hesitate to say so.

"Actually I had to learn to balance between friendship and business, I just try to take a role as a leader and stand my own suit because people can just utilizing," he explained.

It is more close to the employee confirms that it is fun. There is nothing wrong with it. However, you also need to have their own limitations, particularly the question of jobs.

2. Don't be afraid to encounter the copycats or competitors!

One time, Kylie never found that there are sellers who peddle counterfeit cosmetics brand. Apparently, the content in cosmetics is not good for the skin, even can cause acne and infections.
Therefore, the Los Angeles-born woman, 10 August 1997 this reminds his fans not to buy counterfeit cosmetics.

"I just don't want people to think that (fake cosmetics) this is a representation of product and who myself, says Kylie.

3. Use social media as a marketing medium for free

The third strategy that you can apply in business savvy is your social media use.

To note, this model sister Kendall Jenner admits that he is not spending money to market its products. He prefers to use social media, like Instagram and Snapchat to promote kosmetiknya.

4. get respect in the workplace

How Kylie realized, new at the age of 20 years, not everyone thought that he was a CEO.

"I don't really consider myself as a serious business woman because of age and reputasiku," he admits. "However, I start trying to not mess would be it. I'm going to prove everybody else wrong. "
It's like you also agree that a CEO or other businesses could lead through good examples.

For example, you want to tell your employees not to come late to every meeting. Therefore, every day you come to the Office on time, even come 30 minutes before regular working hours began.

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