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Friday, June 1, 2018

Understanding and 5 Concept Marketing Strategies

Understanding and Concept marketing strategies | In its role, able to cover every marketing effort aimed at freelance sportswriter can achieve alignment between the company with its environment.

Marketing strategy is a plan that would like to be done thoroughly, integrated and fused in the fields of marketing, this is done to provide guidance on activities that will be carried out in order to be able to achieve the purpose of marketing an enterprise.

Understanding Of Marketing Strategy

Chief Marketing is the process of making decisions about the cost of marketing, marketing, marketing allocation intermingling in relation to environmental conditions and the conditions of competition are expected.

Marketing strategy is a fundamental pattern, where there is a planning in carrying out marketing, the direction of resources, and there is also an interaction with the market, competitors, consumers, and others. Thus, in the marketing strategy should do a consideration for the purpose of marketing the desired markets, and how to manage the available resources effectively and efficiently.

Understanding Marketing Strategy According To Experts

According to Stanton – a marketing strategy is a thing that encompasses the entire system connected with the purpose to plan and set the price of a product to market and distribute goods and services that can provide satisfaction the actual as well as potential buyers.

According to Tjiptono – a marketing strategy is a fundamental tool that is designed or planned to achieve the goal of a company by doing the development of a sustainable competitive advantage through a market that was breached and programs used to serve his target market.

According to Guiltinan and Paul – a marketing strategy is a basic statement with regard to the impact or result of which is expected to reach the target market demand. According to Philip Kotler – Marketing strategies is a mindset regarding marketing which will be used to achieve its marketing goals. Marketing strategy contains a specific strategy to target markets, the determination of the position, the marketing mix and the magnitude of the spending on marketing.

The Concept Of Marketing Strategy

There is a marketing strategy based on the concept of the 5 strategies as follows:

1. Market segmentation

Every market there are buyers who vary, buyers have different habits and needs. While the company is not likely to be able to meet the needs of all buyers. Therefore, companies must classify the nature the heterogeneous market into market units are homogeneous.

2. Market Positioning

A company may not be able to master the whole market, hence a company need to choose the specific pattern of the market that will provide maximum opportunities for the company a strong position. The point is that the company must select the market segment that can generate the most sales and profit compared to other companies.

3. Market Entry Strategy

Market Entry Strategy is one of the company's strategy in order to enter a market segment as target market sales.

The marketing strategy to be able to enter a segment of the market, namely:

Buy other companies

Buying another company is easy and quick to do, how it will be accomplished if:

  • Companies that want to buy not knowing about the condition of the industry of a company that was bought in its entirety.
  • Will it become profitable quickly to be able to enter the market segment of the company that will be purchased.
  • The company will be facing obstacles when entering the market segment concerned through internal development.

Internal Development

There are companies who prefer to develop their own business through such IE through research and development, this is done because it is only through the way it is this leadership within the industry can be reached and are able to be carried out properly.

The advantage of doing it this way is that the risk can be shouldered collectively, and each company's complementary skills and resources.

4. Marketing Mix Strategy

Marketing Mix strategy is a set of variables has been used by the company to influence the response of consumers. Variables that influence on your purchase is often called 7P i.e. Product, Price, Place, Promotion, Participant, People, and Process Physical evidence.

5. Timing Strategy

In the market the goods there are things to note, namely the determination of the exact time. Although the company estimates will be the existence of a good opportunity in establishing the objectiveness and devise marketing strategies, this does not mean that companies can start marketing activities.

Before that, the company must first do good preparations and mature in the production or marketing of the business, then the company should also determine the right time for the distribution of goods and services to the market.

Thus the explanation of the understanding and the concept of marketing strategy. May useful and add your insights. Thank you.

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