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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Anticipation Of Changes In The Business Environment

Currently, there is no single company was not affected by the influence of environmental change. Environmental changes not only affect big companies, even small companies can be very affected. Sometimes change very quickly and it's hard to predict so often long-term plans have been made as a company no longer means.

"The things that hurt this time, not because of his actions themselves, but external events". (Thomas Hanley, Saloman Brothers).

In some cases ever influential contribution to the world of business:
  • Still fresh in our minds how great the impact of the Bali bombing events against the tourism industry and the business world in particular in Bali.

  • Disclosure of research results Researchers IPB stating the existence of the bacteria Enterobacter Sakazaki in some infant formulas that make motherhood really careful in buying infant formula.
  • Impressions on TV about the use of a food preservative substances commonly used to preserve the corpse, which consequently hit the food industry, such as meatballs.

Event – the event is very difficult because business travelers thought beyond the control of the control of the company. Environmental change can be a positive and negative impact, but the implications for marketing is clearly visible. Therefore each company must carefully and constantly monitor its environment that may affect the company. Environmental change is not only a threat but also opens up opportunities. Many of the factors that may affect the environment, among others: Competition Cultural, economic, social, Political and legal, Technology, and nature. To understand properly the various factors that the company will avoid severe negatively affected but instead was able to capitalize on the possibility of these changes.

Competition, a factor which should really be a concern of the company, the more the low barrier to entry will make more and more players in the business. For small-scale companies will face higher competition due to open businesses do not require a large capital. One of the efforts in order that the business can survive is by developing a uniqueness so that it can be a differentiator for the company's competitors. Marius said Widiarto (Owner C59) on one occasion: Be different or die.

Socio-cultural factors, even if not in anticipation often will affect the company's business. A matter of taste consumer, for example, is one that must continue to watch out for the company. At this time people go to sights not only to enjoy the natural landscape but also while shopping. Businesses in the City of Bandung, one example of which is thus often anticipated consumer tastes saturation by doing the creative innovations so that consumers especially tourists from Jakarta is always interested in shopping in Bandung from Start Shopping Centre opening Cihampelas, developing Factory outlets in the area Otten and present Distributions in the area of Jl. Riau. And probably many other innovations that can be observed and taken the lesson for other businesses.

Technology, business travelers who will play in this business should carefully correct because of technological developments when this happens very quickly. A company engaged in the trading of goods which are electronic and computer or service that solid content technology must be carefully once in calculating the Return on Investment (ROI) of its business activities because without knowledge deep in the development of the technology used or traded can happen mistakes estimates its impact very fatal. Not wrong if the technology is often called a process of "creative destruction" in the sense of new development will create new markets, but many damaging existing markets. Examples: CD cassette market ever developed then crushed, appeared again DVD, MP3 technology, which get rid of the product before, and it will continue to happen.
A consultant and historian Alan Kantrow outlines a common pattern:
"When the superior technology emerges, the company's management faced with the challenge of a difficult and risky: when are we going to switch? Matter of time is extremely important ... ... The reality shows that most companies tend to be too slow to switch from obsolete technologies to advanced technology. "

Economics, behavioral economics currently includes which are often difficult to predict. Even though the Government has a very Economist-Economist, expert in their fields, a real example; for example, in drafting the STATE BUDGET 2008 prediction of oil prices between US $80 per barrel, but until the end of the first quarter 2008 oil price stays perched above the US $100 a barrel even past the 110 US $ per barrel so the Government inevitably faced with the choice difficult between retaining the FUEL subsidies with the price or raising fuel prices to reduce the STATE BUDGET deficit that is too heavy. Of course, such conditions faced by business travelers, it is difficult to accurately predict economic conditions. It is also, among others, the impact of globalization that led to economic conditions in a country can be influential on economic conditions in other countries. Even when the accurate prediction of economic conditions, the economic impact is still unclear to the industry.
Political/legal, political decisions – decisions or law should be also always discernible. Change – a change of leadership often results in the occurrence of changes in political decisions and ultimately impacting directly against business conditions. Still remember in memory, while the new order, a staple Foodstuffs trade has always controlled by the Government through the so-called BULOG, so there is a stable condition in trading Food Staple. But after the reform of the role of the BULOG redefined so as not to be a central player and eventually often affect the onset of price fluctuations and the scarcity of the goods caused by speculators game.

Of course, many more other environmental factors should be a concern of the businessman. The bottom line is currently every businessperson should really enter the examination environment strategi in the planning process so that each business decision at least have tried to consider the possibility of the impact of environmental change.

Capsugel, one of the companies that make the capsule Tylenol and never hit a crisis due to the events poisoning Tylenol make some guidelines to help overcome the crisis due to the change of environment against enterprises:

1. Have a product or a technology alternative which is always on standby
Act quickly.

2. Ensure that the version of events according to the companies covered in the news-press news during the crisis.

3. Keep a close relationship with the market via surveys and communication with customers.

4. Looking for opportunities for the company and for competitors as a result of the crisis.

5. Don't be a hostile environment. Provide information that is clear and open to customers and the press is usually the best policy.

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