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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Politics and its influence on the economy

POLITICS is an activity in the system development Division-the Division of the country through power or income to achieve a goal that has been agreed on. The political world is very influential towards the economic progress of the nation or region. In economic development, it is important to consider the political risk and its effects on economic survival.

It is worth considering because of the change in a political policy in a country or region will be able to cause a huge impact on the financial sector, business and the economy of the country or the region. The political risks are generally closely related to the Government as well as the political and security situation in a country or region.
In fact, every action in the Organization's business is politics, unless the charity or social organization. These factors determine the smooth continuation of economic or business activities. Therefore, if the political situation supporting business in General, then it will run smoothly. In terms of stock markets, a conducive political situation will make the stock price go up. Conversely, if the uncertain political situation, then it will cause the element of uncertainty in the business.

In this context, the economic performance of the system already interact with one another, which results, in any event, the economic-are no longer constrained by a certain boundaries, for example, the IMF or World Bank, or even the foreign investor consider a country's political events and more reflect a compromise-a compromise between national political forces and international forces. Each business pattern formation is also always related closely to politics.

Political culture

Political culture is a set of beliefs or attitudes that give influence on policy and public administration, including patterns related to economic policy or conduct business. There are politics that are designed to keep the Government's intervention in the field of economy or business.

The system is called liberal and democratic political system. There is political interventionist in full with the support of a Government that is clean. There is also a politics that tends to steer so that the Government gets involved or intervene in the field of business economics.

What was delivered by Prof. Ali Bakhtiar in his encounter with the ranks of elite Government of Aceh not long ago, very interesting and substantive in looking at the political and economic prospects of the region. He suggested that the implementation of economic empowerment programs the public can more be priorities for the Government of Aceh rather than a political issue. Empowerment program that one of them is to do with how to create programs that will be able to give jobs to the community, so they have a decent income in order to speed up regional development and provide prosperity for the people of Aceh.

The peace that has been running well into a grace and a blessing that not, unpredictable lines and very expensive for the people of Aceh after so long wracked by conflict. Various government policies, as well as the regional center, should be able to boost the economy of the community. This requires a touch and the right strategy so that the interests of the political and economic development of the community can go hand in hand and mutually strengthen each other.

Unbiased we pungkiri economic disparities that occur in the life of society has led to the spirit and motivation of the community to be weak, so is public confidence towards the Government has declined along with the various complaints that are not in the hearing or in the handle. Talk about politics is not just talking about the issue of political parties, election, elections, position and position in the Government, but also discussed democracy, in theory, means from the people, by the people, and for the people.

However such assessment is sometimes it is merely as purely a formality to create a nice political frame for the community. The role of the legislators is very strategic in channeling the aspirations and needs of the community in order to be used as a policy area in order for the assignment policy. When the ditelorkan policy of the Government (Executive) Council (legislative) based on the real needs of the community it feels it will provide policy changes for the community itself kea rah.

Depending on the purpose

In principle, the selection of what strategy will be used in the development process was greatly influenced by the question of what is the purpose to be achieved. If the goal is achieved is to create a self-sustaining community, then the ketergantunganlah strategy may be accomplished. If the goal is to achieve equitable development, then strategies insightful ruanglah that will be used.

For example, middle cross street needs that are being implemented by the Government of Aceh is indeed urgently needed by people in the central region of Aceh. Local governments need not hesitate to have budgeted funds for the completion of the construction of the cross street of it. Because it automatically will be able to improve the welfare of society. With the completion of the cross street of it then it will easily produce shipped and marketed community and earnings will improve.

Economic development is a process which causes per-capita income of a society's population increases or the activities are undertaken to develop the economy and livelihood of the people. Increasing per-capita income is a reflection of the absence of improvement in the economic well-being of the community. The nature of economic development is to create growth in the GNP (Gross National Product). The growth of the GNP is shown with increasing the quality of education, increasing agricultural income, and a decrease in poverty.

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