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Monday, August 20, 2018

This had a positive impact for the 2018 Asian Games RI Economy

The Asian Games held in Jakarta and Palembang in August 2018, it is believed would be one of the drivers of economic growth this year.

Coordinating Minister for the economy Darmin Nasution, the existence of an event like this will definitely bring positive impact to the economy of Indonesia.
 "Yes there is definitely a positive impact, " said she in Hotel Grand Sahid Jaya, Jakarta, Thursday (26/7/2018).

But how big is the impact, further new, Darmin will look when sporting party event se-Asian continued. Because, once the new Indonesia previously hosted the Asian Games in 1962.

 "But right we haven't experienced this kind, so that if you ask how much difficult. But later we calculation, it's because usually when national elections know us,  "says he.

However, according to him, in addition to tourism, will impact the existence of the event in order to evoke the shopping sector is expected to be in the country.

 "(Besides tourism) of shopping people, " demolished him.

Retail Sales Are Forecast To Rise During Asian Games

Sales retail sector forecast to grow when the 2018 Asian Games title. The long holiday period and the previous Idul Fitri holiday were able to boost growth in the sector.

 "It should be anyway (sales) are significant, Yes, let alone the public attention is huge. So yesterday the school holidays. (Asian Games) so enormous,  "says Head of Corporate Communication PT Adiperkasa Active Folder (FOLDER), Fetty Kwartati in Indonesia, Jakarta Stock Exchange, Thursday (5/7/2018).

 "So I add this Asian Games has indeed become a government program in which Mr. Jokowi himself appealed there shopping binge during the Asian Games. So the retailers involved in the retail Association conducts special events in Asian Games welcoming,  "he added.

 "This year, the preparation of the Government as well as the Asian Games Committee keliatannya very intense to make the Asian Games event including from us the retailer is also required for full support, " connect him.

Meanwhile, Corporate Secretary of PT Adiperkasa Tbk or Active Folder (MAA), Ruth D Gianda, calling if the execution of the 2018 Asian Games be momentum for a business company engaged in the field of fashion and lifestyle.

 "Asian Games it might be a good momentum to indonesia because we are engaged in sport Yes so it brings what Yes besides the Asian Games might be the spirit of a society for sports such as running and now it too is not just another brand might run in part we also provide its products,  "says he.

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